Halloween Decs for Kid’s Bedrooms

Halloween Decs for Kid’s Bedrooms

Halloween Decs for Kid’s Bedrooms

Halloween for kid’s rooms

Rooomy brings you top Halloween decorations and activities

to help make the most of a spooky half term with your children 


After a year of scuppered celebrations, all the birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries and more that have been missed, and we know Christmas is awaiting us at the end phew.  But let’s not forget that Halloween is coming up at the end of the month, yay!  Are you like me and decorate during the day of the 31st?  I always have great plans for pumpkins, but everything ends up a little last minute.  Or have you found yourself following in the Americans footsteps going all out with the decs early?

Well this year after all the indoor parties ( I had a birthday banner up for 6 months, I’ve told you before I don’t win any interiors or organisation awards) and with Halloween falling at the end of half term, I think it’s the perfect opportunity to have a little fun and make the most of the decs with the girls.  If you’re thinking this sounds like a plan to you then I’m here to help with some great decorations ideas for you to check out.  Each will be able to be stored and re used for all your Halloween celebrations to come plus there is some helpful pumpkin decorating advice, especially if you have any left-over paint from this year’s interiors projects.


meri meri balloon garland for kids rooms

Balloon Garland

Meri Meri

More and more birthday pics are featuring balloon arches and they look fun but either a lot of effort to make it look good yourself or expensive to outsource.  Well Meri Meri have this sorted for Halloween, bringing you a balloon garland PLUS hanging bats at the bargain set price of £25!! If you love party balloons, then this is the Halloween party decoration for you! This easy to assemble kit of 40 balloons creates a terrific balloon display featuring black, silver, orange and pre-filled confetti balloons and 8 fabulous hanging bats.


Peg Dolls

Little Peg House

All the classic Halloween characters in one little peg doll family.  These characters will at home in your child’s room or anywhere else in the family home.  Not a pink fairy in site, it’s just not Halloween is it?  I think kids’ can get away when they’re 2/3 years old.  These little faces bring colour and cuteness at a scary time.  You will be able to start building your Halloween decorations collection just like your Christmas ones. 

halloween peg dolls for kids bedrooms
Halloween Decorations featuring Decal Folks


Spooky Decals

Decal Folks

Decals are great as they don’t damage the wall cab be put back on their paper rolled up and brought out again next year, they allow you to add details to a larger space creating the spooky atmosphere eve quicker.  This pack comes with bats and pumpkins in different sizes and you can choose the colours for each of them, you can go traditional black and orange if you want or you can style them with your décor, fun!!!



Boo Letters 

Little England Gifts

Kid’s names in wooden letters have been popular for several years now and over the last few Christmas has joined in, so why not add Halloween into the fun? Just like the peg dolls they will go into your collection and come out every year.  BOO is the perfect little touch for your kid’s room, it’s not too scary for the little ones and will still be a fun addition when they’re older and wanting more of a spook these will be a timeless edition to your collection.



Boo Letters for kids rooms at halloween
Halloween garland from Nelly's Treasures for kids bedrooms

Spooky Garland

Nelly’s Treasures

Garlands make such wonderful borders and wen decorating it looks awesome when some height can be added to the space, it takes the eye on a journey round the whole space, that way all your hard work get noticed and is thoroughly enjoyed by the beholder. This garland from Nelly’s Treasures is cute, big, bold and I love the colour palette.  It is a complete bargain for £7 which also means you could buy a couple, what a treat!

Hocus Pocus Colouring Book


Whilst you are decorating and probably trying to get some work done during the half term then this gorgeous colouring book is just the ticket, adorable doodles that your child will love to fill in.  Each design has been hand drawn and comes on its own page so you can cut it out and put it on the wall or send to someone, perfect to add to the decorations.  The book is A5 size so it will fit perfectly in your bag for those days when you are on the move.  Printed on quality card and wrapped in a bellyband your little ones (and you!) will have hours of fun.  You can also add on a pack of Stib Positive Worded pencils in either a mini travel pack or jumbo pencils. 

halloween colouring book from squidgearoo for the kids during half term


If you want to make more of your DIY skills and if we’re in lockdown over half term then there may be time for a few more crafts activities in the build up to the big night.  Pumpkin carving is always great fun but it also take a lot of effort and some parents are worried about the safety side, especially for younger ones.  Painting your pumpkins is a wonderful way to bring the festivities into the home plus they are big too, so very satisfying.  Kid’s can have free reign on how theirs looks which is wonderful autonomy for them.  And the toddlers can always join in by adding to yours, Ava did this a few years ago now and it was a really lovely afternoon chilling in the kitchen, music on and having some fun with the paint.

Pumpkin Painting for kids and toddlers rooomy magazine
Pumpkin Painting for kids and toddlers rooomy magazine
Pumpkin Painting for kids and toddlers rooomy magazine

Pumpkin Stickers

Doodle Moo

If you want to join the kid’s I highly recommend it, it’s great to get creative I think as adults we don’t spend nearly enough time doing the things we loved as kids.  Plus, it’s perfect modelling for the kid’s too!  If you want some tips on how to make them look great then Emily of Doodle Moo has your back plus some awesome free printable stickers that you can cut out and stick onto your pumpkin to enhance your design.  Emily recommends using up any left-over interior paint and acrylics always work well too.  Always leave time for coats to thoroughly dry before adding details on top, making this a great project for half term!

Doodle moo pumpkins
doodle moo pumpkins


Doodle Moo

And one last treat, I highly recommend are Emily’s Halloween pinatas, another fun project and a great game for the big night, something for you to prep yourself or you can get them to decorate their own.  They might even like to decorate, fill with a few sweets and your child could drop it off to a friend during the half term break, it’s always nice to get surprises and everyone get to enjoy the gift of giving, passing the positivity forward, which we need to do more than ever right now.

doodle moo pinatas, kids crafts for halloween

There you have it, great decoration to add to your Halloween collection and some fun craft projects for the break.  If you go forward with any of these ideas I’d love to see your pics you can email them in or tag us on social.  If you use any of Emily’s please give her a shout out @DoodleMoo

Have a wonderful Halloween and stay safe.

Best wishes


Ps You know it’ll be the C word next, I’m just saying, only two pay slips to go, eek!

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Sustainable Accessories for kids bedrooms

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Nautical Inspired Wallpaper

Nautical Inspired Wallpaper

Nautical Inspired Wallpaper

Wallpaper that will take your child to the beach or into the ocean


Rooomy’s round up of the best wallpapers for your kid’s bedroom, 

which will bring the sense of deep sea adventure or chilling on the beach.

Whales have always seemed amazing to us: the largest mammal on earth, their under-water speech, the sheer mass splashing down in the ocean to their calm, large glide through the water. With Finding Nemo, Pixar have helped take them to a new level where we now feel we are all able to speak whale which is fantastic.  Here at Rooomy we’re  great at speaking whale, some better than others of course.  This wonderful design manages to encapsulate their fun side.  The design is also available in grey.

You’re arty and you love the ocean and you don’t want a wallpaper that is too childish: this is for you. The flowing sea grass (sea weed just sounded to yucky) gives a lovely  to this design and then you have the pleasure of spotting the hiding seahorses, starfish and shells. Available in different colour ways to suit all your tonal needs. This would work great on a split wall, if you have a dado  rail. You can have lots of fun with this design, maybe use two or three different colour ways to bring all the colours of the sea to their space.

Under the sea does not need to mean The Little Mermaid or Finding Nemo. Maybe the pattern of wallpaper is just not for you. With this sea cave mural you can help your child go on an under the sea adventure of their own, available for any size wall. For your teenager this will bring a great sense of calm to their space when they are stressing over exams and all the other hurdles that go hand in hand with hormone surges.  Who knows it could inspire some scuba diving training?

So many wallpapers are not considered for kid’s rooms – too fancy, too grown up (whatever that mean). If you’re a fan of the beach and your kids love making endless sand angels, rock pooling and cart-wheeling along the beach then this design could be for you. Its warm rainbow tones are perfect for happy daydreaming of seaside adventures, but from the comfort of the carpet or cosy in bed. Their imagination, memories and creativity will all be firing away! Maybe you can join them for a lazy daydream? Cornetto, anyone?

Walls, Walls, Walls…





Plastic Fantastic for Kid’s Bedrooms


Creating beauty from plastic waste, bravo EcoBirdy  


Do you worry about plastic? Do you recycle? Are you concerned about what will happen to your kid’s toys when they are no longer played with, or broken beyond usefulness? It’s great to hand things down, donate to the local charity shop or make a bit of cash back at a boot fair or on Facebay, BUT eventually they need to go somewhere and where? Think about Toy Story 3: where does a toy’s life end up?

With all this swimming round my head, I was relieved to discover Eco Birdy. Based in Antwerp, they have designed 4 wonderful products for kids (toy storage, a chair, a lamp and a table). They have employed an incredible workforce and found a fabulous solution to the big problem of plastic toys!

Eco Birdy sustainably recycle plastic toys, creating beautiful design pieces that are 100% made of recycled plastic waste and can easily be recycled again. Collecting unwanted toys from schools, they remove all metal elements from each product, and clean everything; The plastic is then batched into similar colours and melted down. Next It’s moulded into one of their four designs, making a fun mottled effect with rounded edges and a smooth silky surface making the furniture pleasant to the touch and easy to clean.

The outstanding result is a sustainable and environmentally friendly product for your child’s room that is made of 100% recycled plastic, looks great, has a function and is fully recyclable.


Friendly, soft forms and rounded edges are complemented by a large seating surface. This makes Charlie not only comfortable for kids but also offers other advantages. Thanks to these shapes, Charlie is both light and stable, a combination that makes it simple for kids to move and yet not easy to tip over.


The playful shape of “Kiwi” reminds one of a kiwi bird, the body being the storage space. The beak is removable. It was designed with the intention of raising awareness of the endangered kiwi bird species. This home accessory combines functionality with a frolicsome look and will never fail to capture attention.


This lamp’s round shapes evoke those of a rhino. Thanks to the speckled look, Rhino casts a soft glowing light that brings a special atmosphere into kids’ rooms as well as any other spaces. Taking its inspiration from rhinos, this piece aims to raise awareness, not only of sustainability, but also of this endangered species.

Founders, Vanessa and Joris: “We found that plastic toys use plastic more intensively than other consumer goods. By giving old plastic a new life, our aim is to free our ecosystem from its pernicious impact. As we use innovative technologies, made for the reuse of plastic, there is no need to add any pigments or resin.”

It is essential to the founders that each step be based on social and environmental responsibility. An accompanying storybook and school-programme has been designed to introduce youngsters to the circular economy and inspire them to contribute to a more sustainable future.

Kid’s Bedroom Accessories… 

Halloween Decs for Kid’s Bedrooms

Halloween Decs for Kid’s Bedrooms

Halloween for kid's rooms Rooomy brings you top Halloween decorations and activities to help make the most of a spooky half term with your children    After a year of scuppered celebrations, all the birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries and more that have...





Nautical Styling for Kids Bedrooms


How to achieve the professional approach to styling a kids bedroom

Fi Campos of Cubby Hole talks us through the nautical theme


When it comes to designing rooms for little ones, it can often feel as though there are so many practicalities to consider. From layouts to colour schemes, bed types to themes, it’s so important to work out what matters most to you and your child. Once the ‘sensible’ boxes are ticked, it’s time for the creative part to start!

Re-styling a child’s room can be a fun experience, and, if they’re old enough, consulting your little one along the way will help them feel involved in the process and result in a wonderfully imaginative space that is personal to them.

Why not start by creating a mood board together? As well as being a fun crafting activity, it’s such a creative process that can really help spark imaginations, and may even result in some unique art work for their walls!  

Here are some of my top styling tips to help get their room looking ship shape: How to instil hope for seaside dreamers! Nautical stories are the perfect theme to give your kids rooms that happy, fresh, relaxed coastal vibe all year round. Red, navy and white is a classic palette that’s ideal for any mini seafarer, but why not add in a dash of teal for a modern twist?

Rooms with low ceilings
Vertical stripes can really help to create the illusion of more space. This summery striped wallpaper by Arthouse gives a subtle nod to deckchair stripes and pulls the colour of the room together perfectly.

For little ones who just can’t wait to explore the world, check out this cool vintage world map decal by Oxo Workshop, available from Etsy. Customised to fit your own wall space, this giant map is sure to get little explorers excitedly planning their next trip on the seas.

They’re mad on pirates

If you’re not sure just how long the pirate phase will last but would love to create some walls big on personality, stickers are your new best friend!  With so many options on the market now from spectacular sailors through to fabulous fish, we’re spoilt for choice. 

Whale of  a Time

How cute is this ‘Whale of a Time’ wallpaper by Scion? Available in bright blue or Scandi grey, it creates an immediate feeling of calm, hazy days by the seashore. The ultimate snoozing environment for dreaming of faraway lands …

Inject a nautical twist into the study space with hand painted deep horizontal stripes in Indigo blue. ‘Sea Forever’ canvas from Love to Home.  

For an instant refresh and to give new life to old chests of drawers, try adding some quirky nautical style drawer handles.

Blankets can provide an instant room revamp by adding layers of texture and colour. Try the Elephant Stamp for gorgeously classic stripes.

Finally, a few words of practical advice for achieving nautical style for your mini mariner:  Keep it simple. A reduced three colour palette can work wonders in creating a pulled together room.

Embrace the stripes! Horizontal bands of colour instantly say beach, and work fabulously with ditsy whale prints and plains to break up all the pattern.  Whether you choose laid back beach vibes, pirate, or whale schemes, one thing’s certain, the nautical theme has so much variety that should serve them well for years to come.

Happy Styling!

Nautical, Beach, Ocean…

Interview – Bobby Rabbit

Interview – Bobby Rabbit

Rooomy meets Nicky King   Rachel Burns asks Nicky King, owner of children's interiors online store Bobby Rabbit all about her fab collections and her thoughts on sustainability within the kids interiors market.   Rachel - Hi Nicky, tell us about Bobby Rabbit and...

Getting Your Childs’ Bedroom Spring Ready

Getting Your Childs’ Bedroom Spring Ready

Getting Your Childs’ Bedroom Spring Ready

New Season New Life


Bring the outside in to get your child’s bedroom Spring ready 

by Sarah Keady


Spring is the perfect time to refresh your child’s room. It’s not just their wardrobe that needs an update, chunky wool knits optimistically being swapped for lighter linens, the same will need to happen with their blankets and bedding too.

We know about the practicalities of the warmer months approaching, but what about the trends appearing through this seasons’ offerings?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, nature will play a big part – woodland motifs, natural woods and textured prints are all there, but it’s also playful. Teepees and tents and accessories, such as bunting and hanging plants, are just some of the fun ways to help you bring the outdoors in for your little ones to enjoy until they can happily waddle off to play outside in the warmer months’ ahead.

This bed doubles up as a tent to create the ultimate hideaway. All you need to add are oversized scatter cushions, beanbags and simple wooden accessories.

Pale, textured woods will instantly bring nature into the room, consider adding pops of mustard and burnt orange to draw your eye across the room. I love the prints with the matching frames.

“Nature will play a big part – woodland motifs, natural woods and textured prints
are all there, but it’s also playful”

Textiles are probably the easiest (and cheapest) way to update a space. Layer rugs, cushions and blankets in different textures and patterns to create fun space to cosy up in.

Small, upholstered pieces of furniture are a great way to bring pretty botanical prints into your child’s bedroom. All you need to accessorise with are plants, we love these glass ones, be sure to hang them out of reach.

Create a mini-getaway in the corner of a living room or play room with a teepee. Throws and fairy lights will keep it looking magical as the night draws in.

Adding pastel accessories to minimal spaces gives a room a stylish Scandinavian feel, bunting and animal prints here keep it all looking playful and light. Check out that toy box, storage for unwanted clutter will help keep the space looking calm.

A monochrome colour scheme will always look fresh and modern, and it allows you to be more playful with pattern. We love the animal cushions, fun ornaments and abstract mountains here.

Tree-printed wallpaper adds warmth to this otherwise white nursery whilst the stag head brings some unexpected quirkiness. Decorating above key spaces like changing areas are ideal for creating a focal point in a room.

Nature Inspired…

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