Bermbach for Nursery’s

by | Jan 17, 2020

Delight in Beauty and Magic


Introducing Bermbach, the brand who longed for what once was.


As a large trade show, Maison Objet was at times overwhelming by its sheer scale. Whilst there were so many fantastic products to behold, you could see where brands were competing in the same arena. Hidden amongst these were Bermbach, who are competing with no one. When it comes to their products, I’ve seen nothing like it; which is exactly how it came into being. The Bermbach family wanted a traditional wicker cradle for their children and when they could not find what they wanted, they set about designing their own. The outcome is stunning and it is a product that makes me wish I could have the baby years all over again with this furniture in my nurseries. They sum up their drive perfectly in their brochure “Inventiveness Through Longing”.

“Some things are just waiting to be discovered again, so we can once again delight in their beauty and magic, or simple practical nature. Today our everyday lives are shaped by a never-ending stream of the new and all too often ephemeral. So, we often find ourselves yearning for the good old things of yesteryear, which have proved themselves for decades and are still useful and dear to our hearts. This passion is shared by the founders of Bermbach Handcrafted”.

The Bermbachs work with a reputable manufacturer in Indonesia, the homeland of Rattan. Experienced artisans form the shapely classics using the fast-growing raw material and artful handwork. Each piece of furniture is an original piece, the completion of which takes several days. No tool can replace the experienced handwork required for processing rattan. Only in the hands of a highly skilled basket maker can a bundle of raw stems be turned into a unique piece of furniture.

There are three different models, each complete with its own bespoke accessories, such as mattresses and baby nests. Each piece is of the highest quality and durability, providing comfort and pleasure for parents and children alike.


Right next to the parents, and yet in his own little refuge, sleeps the baby in the side bed Martha. A protective, inwardly arched basket wall encloses the small sleeping space like the walls of a nest. At the same time the flat side of the basket opens and connects directly with the parents’ bed. Height-adjusting metal feet are also available as accessories, with which Martha can be adapted to different bed heights. Martha comes with small oiled oak feet giving the bed secure support which is kind to your floor.

Ideal for: newborns and babies during their first year of life


Babybed LOLA stands on a filigree metal stand giving it a light floating appearance and making it a beautiful and decorative accessory for a modern home. The fine weave of the basket offers transparency, allowing the little one to get the best views of everything going on all around.

Ideal for: newborns and babies during their first year of life

“Some things are just waiting to be discovered again, so we can once again delight
in their beauty and magic, or simple practical nature.


The special beauty of Rattan is its natural versatility. With varying thicknesses and woven patterns there really is no limit to the creative possibilities. The design of the FREDERICK model is compact yet finely intricate, with parallel lines and swooping curves perfectly harmonizing. As with the other designs, FREDERICK combines its lightness with great sturdiness.

Ideal for: newborns and children up to the third year of life


The Bermbach family aims to fulfil the desire of many parents for something that industrial mass produced goods simply can’t offer: the passion for an individual piece of furniture, one which can be enjoyed for generations. On the one hand, because it is handmade and of incredibly high quality, and on the other because its design seems natural and familiar to people.

“Our beds are not only stable and practical but also speak to our senses. It reminds us of the beauty of functionality joined together with aesthetics, and the wonder of how natural materials and skilled craftsmanship are able to work together in perfect unison. Our focus is on the greatest possible use of natural materials in all the components needed to enable the little one to sleep peacefully in an environment free of harmful materials.”

Rattan is a tried and trusted material, obtained by collecting the dried tendrils of the fast-growing rattan-climbing palm, which can reach a length of many meters in a very short time. Their use is a sustainable alternative to cutting down valuable trees, thereby helping to protect the Indonesian rainforest.

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