How to Style your Nursery

How to Style your Nursery

Welcome Home Baby – The Nursery Style Report

Chloe Spillett gives us the lowdown on

how to make a fantastic nursery.


For many, from the first moment we learn we’re expecting our attention will turn immediately to the nursery. It’s hard to resist dreaming up the most beautiful spaces imaginable for our new arrivals. It’s a wonderful time filled with much joy and anticipation.

Of course, not everyone will feel this way. For some, tackling the nursery is daunting. Lots of us opt for the smallest room in the house for the nursery and with such an extensive Wishlist, there can be a LOT of stuff to cram into a small space. But it doesn’t have to be a chore. I’m here to help you make informed choices about the products you really need, and while I’m at it, I’ve got some jaw droppingly beautiful options up my sleeve.

With a background in psychology I’ve always been a firm believer that our surroundings are fundamentally important for our sense of well being and our personal development. This is true not only for baby but for other family members who will be using the space too. The nursery is a place where many memories will be formed, bonding will take place between caregivers and siblings. The more inspiring the environment you and your baby are in, the more likely you will attach positivity to those memories. And yes, there will be sick. And poo; lots of it! But believe me you will even look back on that one day with fondness.

“whether you have a good sleeper or an all night raver,

a cot is an essential piece of kit”

Sleep like a baby…

Where did that expression even come from? Is it meant to be ironic? Regardless of wether you’ve got a good sleeper or an all night raver, a cot is an essential piece of kit.

So what’s money well spent? Thing is, it’s hard to tell when your little one is going to be ready to transition from cot to bed ( I know you probably don’t want to think about them getting too big, but it happens) and sometimes we think they’re ready before they really are. So to save all that to-ing and fro-ing, a cot-bed is definitely a viable option and can also be kinder on the bank balance long term. That said, this one is certainly an investment piece but boy does it make a statement! It’s chrome plated and built to last so if you’re planning on larger family it’s well worth considering. Available in a range of colours, it’s a timeless classic.   

For a more modest budget these mini-cots by Mokee are a great alternative. Simplistic by design, they come in a range of wonderful yet unexpected colours.

Chloe Spillet, new Style Editor for Rooomy Magazine
Chloe Spillet, new Style Editor for Rooomy Magazine

All Change!

There’s no two ways about it- changing nappies is relentless. Even if you’ve never changed a nappy before in your life (I hadn’t before I became a Mum) you’ll soon be doing it in your sleep.  Although change tables are a popular choice, they aren’t always a necessity. There are lots of changing baskets and wedge mats available to ensure baby can’t roll. This way you can pair with more timeless furniture such as a chest of drawers which will still have a place in an older child’s bedroom. Future proofing is always a good idea.

Chloe Spillet, new Style Editor for Rooomy Magazine
Chloe Spillet, new Style Editor for Rooomy Magazine

Storage is key.

Stuff, stuff, stuff!! Little people come with a lot of baggage. If you want a relaxing and calming space in your nursery you’ll need to pull out your A game when it comes to storage, but don’t fear- there are plenty of options!

I often get asked about soft toy storage. Cuddly toys are wonderful for development and eliciting role play and nurturing behaviours. As a child I must’ve had hundreds but the truth is they can also house unwanted bacteria and dust mite and can therefore trigger allergies. I find the best solution to tackle this is to have a few soft toys dotted around the room and place the others in easily accessible storage and then rotate.

These bags by Nobodinoz are a great option:

Chloe Spillet, new Style Editor for Rooomy Magazine

Or for a cheaper alternative check out the range from H&M

Chloe Spillet, new Style Editor for Rooomy Magazine

For everything else the trusty foldable crate never fails!  But which colour?

Chloe Spillet, new Style Editor for Rooomy Magazine

Learning through play.

This last decade has been pivotal for children’s play, toys and accessories. Long gone are the days when the market was completely saturated with unpalatable bright colours and plastic galore. Don’t get me wrong babies love colour and so do I, but I am really enjoying the fact that there are so many products now available that appeal wide range of tastes whilst also ticking all the boxes when it comes to play value, developmental aids and style and beauty.

These are my top picks:

Chloe Spillet, new Style Editor for Rooomy Magazine
Chloe Spillet, new Style Editor for Rooomy Magazine
Chloe Spillet, new Style Editor for Rooomy Magazine

Come Sit with me a while

Most people will be divided on the nursing chair front. On the one hand its really important that you have somewhere super snuggly and to feed your baby; you could be warming the seat several times a night after all! But on the other hand nursing chairs can be big, bulky and not winning any prizes in the aesthetics dept. There are few that break the generic mould but this one is really championing in the style department.

And if you’re still not feeling the nursing chair you could always opt for an armchair that will make a statement in any any room in the house such as this one:

Stylish Children's Bedroom Ideas

For more inspiration from Chloe Spillett check out her work below.  If you’d like more nursery ideas you can read our Nursery Edition for free by subscribing here.  Oh and don’t forget to tell your friends all about it.  

Rooomy Style Editor

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Rooomy meets Chloe Spillett, children's interior designer and new Style Editor for Rooomy Magazine   Rachel Burns speaks to Chloe about her style and love of kid's interiors and the best places to shop.     RB - When did your love of interior design begin? CS – I have...

Ava’s Nursery

Ava’s Nursery

The Nursery Where it all Began


A peek into the nursery that inspired Rooomy Magazine


Ava’s room is where it all started.  When I decorated Ava’s nursery I had no idea I would be eventually share it on social media and on my website for kid’s interiors, as Rooomy didn’t exist. Therefore, I didn’t take many pictures and the ones I did are not great. However, it doesn’t matter. The whole point of Rooomy is to help parents like me, to create the rooms you want for your children. There are no rights or wrongs, just what you enjoy and feel great in. The professionals provide incredible inspiration and advice, I’m confident they would look at Ava’s nursery and see too much white space. It doesn’t matter, I remember us loving this space, it felt clean, fresh, calm and wonderful. We spent so much time sat on the floor cooing over her and beaming. I have learnt a lot working on Rooomy and would do things a little differently, I certainly would have bought a rug to protect the carpet, but I have zero regrets and heaps of fond memories.

2012, I’m pregnant with baby No1 (due in April) and we are not going to find out the sex, this of course plays a big role in planning. I started looking at furniture and I knew right away that I wanted a dark walnut cotbed, I think I was obsessed with this at the time as I longed for a dark wood kitchen (still on my wish list), and there were a few great ones on the market, Tutti Bambini, Silver Cross and Izziwotnot were my favourites. Heart fixed on this I was happy to then paint the room white as not imaginative or brave enough to consider something else with such a dark cotbed.

Ok, dark walnut cotbed, check. Now to plan the rest of the room. Back in 2011/12 I was also heavily into One Tree Hill, there I said it, no shame here, lol! In one of the later series a nursery is featured which was a heavily dressed and styled work of art, of course, however there was a tree mural in pink that I loved (not the pink part) and I figured it was not beyond my painting abilities to have a go at re-creating it and I decided to go for yellow.

This got me thinking about what else I could have a go at. I then went bonkers and decided that a mural of Safari animals would be a good idea, I knew my skills weren’t up to painting their whole bodies, keeping it all to scale and creating some sort of setting for them, so what do I do? I cheat of course! I decide that it can be a corner mural and the animals can be coming out from behind a tree, then I only need to draw their fronts. I also know I can’t create from my own imagination, but I can do a decent enough copy, so I Google images and find the inspiration I need, got to love Google.

Jungle Themed Nursery, Gender Neutral Nursery Design
Wall Mural, Jungle Themed Nursery, Gender Neutral Nursery Design

The mural was an epic project for me and my husband thought I was a bit bonkers but as the room came together he was inspired too and decided to have a go at putting his own little stamp on the nursery. He copied a few of the animals off the changing matt, he put them around the door frame, but then she arrived and they have never been painted, we now love them that way, hahaha. He is not a “handy-man” therefore I do all the decorating, so it was lovely having time together in the nursery getting it ready together.

Once finished I was thrilled with the mural and time has taught me that I needed to seal it, sadly a lot of the colour has started to fade and what was once a brown tree trunk is now looking a little green in places from sun fade. Live and learn as they say. Now that she’s 5yrs old I think we are approaching a redecorate anyway, watch this space.

The room is a good size and we were very lucky that it came with built in wardrobes, I had them all shelved which made them perfect for baskets of clothes, books, bumper packs of nappies, Calpol, teething granules and all the other baby bumf. As she grew up and I needed drawers for bigger clothes I removed a number of shelves from one of the wardrobes and bought a chest of drawers that fitted the space, when budget allows I would love to have them fully fitted out but for now this does the trick.

The wardrobes allowed for the room to not be too busy so all we had was the Cotbed, toy box, changing table and a feeding chair.

When planning do consider the longevity of the room, will it grow with your baby, I didn’t really think about this at the time but it has worked out ok for me, Ava has gone from Cot Bed to single bed to bunk beds, each time I have asked her if she wants the walls repainted but each time she has said no, I am not allowed to touch her murals, bless her.

Do think long term on expensive items. Furniture mostly. The cotbed never became her bed as her baby sister needed it and it has only just been turned into a bed for the first time, last month. I am also certain that I will be able to sell it on when my youngest has finished with it, make sure you keep all the extra bits and bolts and instructions!!

If you’re asked by anyone if there is anything they can get to help, think about it and accept. Otherwise you end up with lots of presents all being variations on a theme.

The other key purchases of the room were; Silvercross Cotbed, thank you mum and dad and the changing table and matt, thank you mother and father in law.

Feeding chair – I researched so many and decided not to spend a lot of money on such a specific piece of furniture which has only one use. We ended up buying a tiny patchwork kids chair from an antique shop, when it is no longer in the youngest’s room it will be moved to the lounge and stay in the family for ever, I love it very much!

As we had not purchased any new carpet for her room since we’d moved in, 5yrs earlier, we decided to update at last. Carpets don’t do well with Calpol, really sticky stuff. Either don’t splash on the carpet or get a rug is my advice.

Final touches;  I like to get in touch with my inner granny from time to time so I cross stitched the Noah’s Ark above her changing table which later became a big talking point with her.

My awesome sister-in-law painted us a great name feature for the nursery too and she had very sweetly paid attention to the theme of the room and used the animals from the changing matt too.

Jungle Themed Nursery, Gender Neutral Nursery Design
Noah's Ark Print, Jungle Themed Nursery, Gender Neutral Nursery Design

There you have it, a different post about a nursery as it’s not a tour of a finished space, but it is where the thoughts of Rooomy magazine all started. Do accept help from others, if you know what you want great, if you don’t have fun researching, I hope Rooomy can offer some inspiration. If you are not even thinking about the nursery, do, it helps I promise. Before you start take some pics, before and after photos are very satisfying, plus I want to see them, please send them in.

Thanks for reading, if you want to see the Nursery Edit just subscribe, it’s free.

See you soon

Rachel x



Kid’s Terrariums

Kid’s Terrariums

Playful Terrariums for Kid’s Bedrooms


Play Expert, Emma Worrollo introduces Rooomy to the fun side of plants


Firstly, it’s worth saying I am in no way ‘green fingered’. In fact, people who know me will find it highly amusing to see me in Roomy talking about anything to do with plants! But, I do have a passion for bringing the outside in, and a (hit and miss) determination to turn those passions into reality. I became (un)healthily obsessed with terrariums because I adore how they bring instant greenery into a room as well as being a stand-alone piece of stylish décor. I was a bit intimidated to make them at first, but once I got stuck in, discovered they’re really easy to make….and very hard to kill! My kind of planting.  

Fun Children's Bedrooms Accessories, Children's Room Design

Terrariums are often presented as very pristine, elegant, more adult pieces but after I discovered the orb shape with chunky rope (amazon), I thought of also adding toys and creating a more playful adaptation for my kids’ rooms.

Playful Terrariums for Kid's Bedrooms

I used a layered technique compromising of;

  1. sand (drainage),
  2. small stones (irrigation)
  3. compost (fertiliser)
  4. A mix of different succulents
“They have made a big impact in both my eldest son’s room and in my younger daughters’ room,
where we used the terrarium as a cute fairy garden hanging by the window.
Playful Terrariums for Kid's Bedrooms
Playful Terrariums for Kid's Bedrooms

The combination of this method and this type of plant means they’re durable and don’t require much looking after. I was really keen on hanging terrariums, not static, again because it’s more playful, but also because I wanted the kids’ to appreciate and enjoy them, but not really touch them! As I was hanging them I was careful not to overload or make them too heavy and ensured the ceiling hanging ones were screwed into joists. 

The kids had a great time helping to make them and we had fun discussing what the different environments might be. They hunted out and added some figurines from their collections and then we added a few more touches to bring them to life, such as red sand for ‘Mars’ and pebbles for the Wookie jungle.

Playful Terrariums for Kid's Bedrooms
Playful Terrariums for Kid's Bedrooms

They have made a big impact in both my eldest son’s room, where I decided to put in a clean line of three orbs hanging over his desk for a sophisticated teen-esque feature, and in my younger daughters’ room, where we used the terrarium as a cute fairy garden hanging by the window.

I would recommend having a go to anyone who wants to have an impactful plant feature but is feeling a bit amateur and reluctant. I’m totally addicted now and have even just finished a large bottle garden for the hall too! And nothing has died…yet!

Emma will be sharing her new nursery in the next issue of Rooomy, The Nursery Edit, to make sure you receive your free copy just subscribe here!

Emma is the founder of strategy agency, The Pineapple Lounge.  Emma’s job is to help global brands understand and design for a new generation. She is passionate about playful living and inspiring kids’ to discover themselves through engaging environments.  For her wonderful playtips and great gift advice follow her here and get ready to #makewayforplay

Outdoors Indoors…


Home for a Hero

Home for a Hero

A Superhero Bedroom for a New Boys Room


Patricia Hoyna shares how to put the Ka-Pow

into a room for Super-Boy Michael


When Michael turned 8, he was still sharing a bedroom with his 18 month old brother Leon, at this point his parents decided to make the shared room his own space. The room was lovely and big, but large rooms suffer if you haven’t sorted out adequate storage: the furniture was badly arranged and the lighting was dull. The space was pretty uninspiring, really. Oh! And the carpet had to stay. 

Michael is a serious action figure fan who loves to play games, read books and have friends over for playdates. With his brother being moved to a room of his own, our aim was to create a very special place for Michael where he could express himself and have lots of fun. 

We chose a really cool Cartoon City wall mural in comic book style: the mural instantly creates a captivating atmosphere and Michael loves it. The graphic effect of the wallpaper works well with every  other colour in the room.

Comic Book Design, Superhero Bedroom Designs

We couldn’t change the blue carpet, so we decided to work with it! We picked shades of blue and mixed a matching shade for the wall and part of the ceiling next to the bed. This created a cohesive colour scheme for the room and provided visual interest.   The room felt a little dark, so we introduced some accent colours: we installed full length curtains in warm, sunny yellow, a red cabinet with a cord outlet underneath that makes it easy to gather all cords in one place. An orange sofa adds a dash of vibrant intensity and a definite feeling of happiness!

We divided the room into different zones, depending on activity. There is a gaming area, where the boys can also watch movies. Plenty of storage for Michael’s books, toys and personal belongings was important: they are neatly hidden or even locked, so his little brother can’t reach them. These touches helped us massively, as Michael can keep precious and delicate things away from little hands (the incidents of destroyed homework were dully noted).

Comic Book Design, Superhero Bedroom Designs
“We couldn’t change the blue carpet, so we decided to work with it!
We picked shades of blue and mixed a matching shade for the wall and part of the ceiling next to the bed.
This created a cohesive colour scheme for the room and provided visual interest.
Comic Book Design, Superhero Bedroom Designs
Comic Book Design, Superhero Bedroom Designs

An organised study area for homework and hobbies is fun and well lit: the little cupboards are carried by Superman and Thor and they provide additional storage that is clutter free .

The sleeping zone is much more restful than the other part of the room: it’s divided by a bookcase that stores books with covers facing out to make it easy for Michael to find the book he’s after.

The single pendant light creates a very flat, unhelpful light; I always incorporate several light sources in a room so that the room can feel bright and busy or calm and restful at the flick of a switch. Festoon Lights strung across the curtain rail are more interesting . Illuminating globes create a subtle glow and make learning about the world more appealing and are ideal for creating a cosy atmosphere in the run-up to bed time.

Comic Book Design, Superhero Bedroom Designs
Comic Book Design, Superhero Bedroom Designs

Children often like a small amount of light in a room at night because it helps them sleep better. We sourced a Superman night light for Michael for that little bit of magic. Now he can fall asleep surrounded by his favourite action figures.

TIP: A bed with a pull-out trundle is perfect for sleepovers.

TIP: There is no such thing as too much storage. If you’re doing it yourself allow time to plan what‘s going to go where and how much space it will require .

Shopping list: Bed: Red cupboard, sofa, bookcase, desk :Ikea, Mural: Rebel Walls, Cushions: Etsy, Letter M: eba

More by Patricia Hoyna…

Eleanor Bowmer – Nursery

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Rainbow Wallpaper

Rainbow Wallpaper

Rainbows for Kid’s Bedrooms


Rainbows are inspiring us across the nation, we are showing our thanks and love for the NHS, as all staff are doing all they can to look after the sick whilst putting themselves and their loved ones at risk.  If your children have loved all the joy spotting of then they might be thinking about bringing some of that into their bedroom.  If rainbow walls are on the cards then check these out.  Great for girls bedrooms, boys rooms, nursery’s and teens!



Large Rainbows for the NHS

If busy wallpaper patterns are too busy for your personal style, then this layout by Esme is perfect. It almost looks like lots of large decals! Great simple looking designs are often underappreciated, anyone with an Art A Level like me will think, “I could do that, I should start designing wallpaper!”  But, to get the proportion distance and colour tones all spot on like this takes a true to designer to make it work. It is warm, playful and perfect.

Esme has created this in a smaller version too. And to top it all off ALL PROFITS, that’s right ALL, will be donated to the NHS. Thank you Esme!



Murals Wallpaper


Well you know what they say, go big or go home. This Large Rainbow on a faux painted brick wall certainly ticks that box. Mural Wallpaper have several great rainbow designs which you should check out, most of them large like this one. But I selected this for the top 5 for its backdrop. I’ve always liked the idea of an American loft, exposed brick look, very cool, it will never go out of fashion which is certainly what you want when it comes to your interiors, too costly to be changing with the times. This will work in a nursery, kid or teen room, don’t be fooled by the pastel shades, the exposed brick element will win over any pink loving teen.


Lime Lace

Pastel Blue Rainbows

As I was researching rainbow designs, understandably they mostly featured orange and red in varying shades. After all the colours started to blue into each other before my eyes, my mind turned to Drew Daywalt and Oliver Jeffers “The Day the Crayons Quit”. I love the crayons desires to colour other objects, a black beachball, a pink elephant an orange whale. Yes, of course, we need other kinds of rainbows too, which is why this pastel blue, teal and grey rainbow with silver flecks design is perfect for rainbow loving fans who are not so keen on bold reds and yellows.

Eleanor Bowmer

Rainbows and Spots

Joy, Pure Joy, that is what’s created by this design. The design of black dalmatian dots covered in colourful rainbows is uplifting and the perfect addition to any bedroom for any age. There is so much to love about this design but one key factor for me is that as a wallpaper it is so busy you can’t possibly notice the pattern repeat, your eye will never catch up which makes it feel like there’s a wonderful explosion of colour and happiness. It looks like an adult has painted most of the rainbows very intentionally and then a child has come along and decided to dot on a few smaller ones of their own. Creative and as I said at the start, JOYFUL!


NB Eleanor Bowmer’s site is only open on the weekend during lockdown, so links won’t work until Saturday morning.  And you need to get your order in quick!  LAst weekend she was clsoed by midday!  But you can also check her out on Not On The High Street.





Rainbows Galore with every colour under the rainbow and more, all in different orders, different number of arches and sizes, it is all go in this design. It will certainly brighten up any room and inspire your children to pick up their art materials and get creative. It makes me want to do some doodling or colouring in. A great back drop to their role playing, they have climbed out of the top of the Faraway Tree and find themselves in Rainbow Land, what will happen next on their journey? Let them tell you the rest of the story, but I’m sure with this backdrop there will be some bouncing from rainbow to rainbow, enjoy.


If rainbows are not for you do not worry, we have your covered with loads of other wallpaper and stickers/decals that will bring style and character to your kid’s room, check out the features below.  If you can’t find what you’re looking for drop us an email, we’re here to help, always.


Wallpaper? Wall Decals? More Here

Top Art Picks for Kid’s – April

Top Art Picks for Kid’s – April

Top Art Picks for Kid’s Bedrooms


Art is a truly wonderful way to bring character to our homes and this should be no different in our kid’s bedrooms. Pick images that you hope will inspire them, that can set a certain mood and also allow them to choose pieces that represent different aspects of their personality and finally just find images they like to look at.  Each month we offer a helping hand with our monthly top five suggestions.  

Hannah Carvell

Heart Flowers

Spring definitely sprang, the weather whilst we’ve been on lockdown has been glorious. Yes, it has turned grey this week. But the sun will be back, while it’s missing why not bring a sense of spring into your kid’s room with one of these flowers made up of hearts. The girls loved them when they saw them and instantly beamed. They were especially impressed with how clever it was that the hearts were making up the petals design. This is why art is so great to display in their rooms, it’s not just a case of what the art adds to the feel of the room but how it teaches and inspires them too. Hannah has a few colour ways available so there is something for everyone. If flowers are not for you, check our Hannah’s other prints, she does a very funk pink Gorilla, yup that’s right, no typo here.



Play because it is the only way. Play is EVERYTHING!!! I could write an essay on the importance, but I won’t, I’ll spare you. In summary play is how our kid’s learn. Like the L’oreal ads used to say, here comes the science bit. When our kid’s play their brain lights up like a Christmas tree. All the cells light up and when they are lit they join up, building an incredible network. Babies are sponges, yes because they’re surrounded by positivity to everything goes in. The get older and school kicks in, they have to do this work, and focus on that and knuckle down over there. Unless it’s easy or a topic they enjoy the cells light up less. Let them play, now more than ever. Lockdown is great time to leave them a few invitations play and let them get on with it. Check out this blog for some great Play Inspiration


Wonder And Rah


As we are stuck inside our homes there is more talk of the world and the universe with the kids. Our worlds feel that bit smaller at the moment, yet at the same time we are thinking about the whole world as we navigate a global pandemic. It’s certainly a flux of perspective. My daughter asked me today ‘if we were hit by a massive comet and half the planet broke what would happen to the rest of it?’. Her mind was blown when I said we’d be gone with it; the planet can’t survive without being a whole. She then said how much the thought of planets, space and stars blows her mind sometimes.

It is great to think on the cosmos and just how small we are when everything feels very big and tough to carry. On a less philosophical note, with the clearer skies it’s been the perfect time to star gaze and Venus has shone very brightly in the night sky. Kid’s love space, why not give them a little arty reminder for their bedroom wall.


Gayle Mansfield

I Really Love You I Do

As I was looking through Gayle’s work, trying to choose something for this month’s feature, as soon as this popped up it I knew it have to make the Top 5. I find myself saying ‘I Really Do Love You Ya Know?’, to my girls and husband (spare me the vomit emoji’s I can hear myself), but sometimes the emotion behind the words is so strong and “I Love You” doesn’t cover it, it’s as if there’s a moment when I feel as if they can’t possibly imagine just how much I love them, do you know what I mean?

If this make sense to you then why not plaster it on their wall or somewhere in the family home? There are loads of colour ways available. I went for the monochrome finish to add to my monochrome landing, which is three years in the making, I am useless at décor believe it or not!

This print comes in 10 different colour ways so something for all colour palettes, plus loads more great prints if you want to make a statement.



A Thousand Birds

Birds in flight always brings a sense of fresh air and the need to take a deep breath, something we all need right now. They are mesmerising to watch when there is a large flock swirling around. And the large yellow sun, bursts warmth from the page. This print creates a moment of peace and calm, an opportunity to pause, what a lovely impact this would have on your kid’s bedroom.

You can ask your kid’s; Do you think the birds are flying away or coming home? What has their journey been like? Is the sun setting or rising? So many questions for one simple image. What will your kid’s come up with? Can they draw their own version? If this picture were in a story book, what would the next image look like? Have some fun with this one and enjoy the warmth from that glorious sun.

Art for Kids…

Top Art Picks for Kid’s – April

Top Art Picks for Kid's Bedrooms   Art is a truly wonderful way to bring character to our homes and this should be no different in our kid’s bedrooms. Pick images that you hope will inspire them, that can set a certain mood and also allow them to choose pieces that...

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