My 1st Room – Nursery Trends

My 1st Room – Nursery Trends

My 1st Room

Jo Riding Owner of Mini Maison shares the

lowdown on the latest nursery trends.


Decorating your baby’s nursery is one of the most special things you can do when you’re pregnant. Commonly referred to as nesting, the idea of creating a unique space for your precious baby allows for further bonding with your unborn child. Whether you’re decorating their very own nursery, redesigning what will be a shared bedroom or creating a special nook in the corner of your bedroom, this is something that you can really enjoy during your pregnancy. Plus, you need to make the most of being able to decorate your child’s bedroom in your own taste, before they get bigger and start demanding Paw Patrol!

Things have changed hugely in nursery interiors over the past few years – some trends come and go, while others remain massively popular, but just reimagined. We are long past the days of pink is for girls and blue is for boys with parents becoming more imaginative with their nursery colour… even the once popular and gender-neutral ‘grey’ being replaced with warmer tones of sand and beige.


Chloe Spillet, new Style Editor for Rooomy Magazine


Rainbows have had a revamp… no longer are they resigned to just being ‘brights’ (although the original is just as popular), pastel shades and muted tones have increased in popularity in recent years.

By using muted tones (think beige, peach and tan) you’re instantly creating a calm, warm and inviting space giving instant boho vibes to the room. Whether you choose to go for a bold rainbow mural or small touches such as wall stickers and other decorative items, a rainbow theme will last well into older childhood.

Chloe Spillet, new Style Editor for Rooomy Magazine


You’ll notice that many of the trends that come up are very much interlinked and feed off one another. Bringing nature indoors is something we are seeing across all of the interiors world. From small, delicate botanical details to larger and bolder tropical prints we are seeing leaves and flowers on walls, bedding, changing mats and prints / stickers for the nursery wall. Pair all of that with some real or faux plants and you’ve got a fresh and vibrant space for your baby to develop. Of course, by natural we don’t just mean plants and flowers, even nursery furniture is upping its natural credentials, with cane cribs and rattan side tables becoming ever popular.

Chloe Spillet, new Style Editor for Rooomy Magazine


Creating a dark and cosy space for your baby is an excellent idea if you want to create a restful and peaceful nursery and aren’t afraid of colour. If you think about it, it’s the perfect tone for a baby that’s just arrived Earthside. Keep the accessories simple and let the room envelope you and your baby in for those special moments.  We’ve seen dark blues or even black walls paired with stunning gold cots and gold stars above the crib for a contemporary look or with brass accessories, teak furniture and a Persian rug for a more mid-century feel finally you could pair your dark walls with oversize florals to add a feminine, softer touch to the space.


A nursery is a brilliant space to try out some of the newer paint designs and decorating techniques we are seeing across social media. Colour blocking is the phrase ‘du jour’ and it basically just means using paint to create a pattern on your wall. What started off as trend for changing the colour of a room halfway across a wall, either vertically or horizontally has seen creative homeowners take things one step further with scalloped edges or semi circles behind the cot or even painting the ceiling (the fifth wall!). And the best thing about this trend is that it’s cheap to do and easy to change if you decide it’s not for you, because let’s be honest, having a baby is a pretty expensive time of your life (hello ‘travel system’ that cost more than my first car!). Another DIY trend that’s popular in nurseries is panelling, usually behind the cot, creating a bold feature to the room. Traditional squares of panels are most popular but we’re also seeing incredible designs using thinner strips of wood in more geometric patterns. Pair it with a large wooden or neon sign and you’ve got yourself a Pinterest sensation!

Chloe Spillet, new Style Editor for Rooomy Magazine


Of course, imagery of animals never went out of style for a nursery; cute animal pictures that will delight your baby have always been in fashion but we aren’t just talking about a simple elephant art print on the wall anymore – we’ve got woodland animals displayed in elaborate painted murals and safari animals hidden amongst oversize jungle leaves. Creating a themed animal nursery is hugely popular at the moment and with more on trend products available from a whole range of retailers, it’s a fantastic opportunity to really use your imagination and think about every single aspect of the design, curating your baby’s nursery. Animal heads on the wall are popular, with a range of different designs – fun soft, fluffy and realistic looking or handmade from felt for a more childish feel or even from origami for a contemporary nursery.

Chloe Spillet, new Style Editor for Rooomy Magazine
Chloe Spillet, new Style Editor for Rooomy Magazine
Chloe Spillet, new Style Editor for Rooomy Magazine

I hope you’ve found this trend round-up useful. Follow us on @minimaisonuk on Instagram for more trend-led nursery interiors, specialising in contemporary baby changing mats.  

You can have a look round Jo’s wonderful online store right here

More Nursery Ideas….

Playful Den Nursery

Playful Den Nursery

It’s Playtime

Play expert and mother of three Emma Worrollo has a runaway success with ‘The Playful Den’ and shares advice for bringing fun into the nursery.


Emma is a parenting a goddess. Big statement you might think but she is a Play Expert which means she is a parenting goddess simple! All kid’s need is safety, love and playfulness in their lives. If you tick the first two boxes but struggle with the third, then you need to follow her and check out her blog The Playful Den. She runs her own business with offices in London and New York, mother to two fun loving kids and one gorgeous baby boy Scout.

I could easily go way off topic with Emma and dive into building a business, parenting, home décor, moving near the beach, being a mermaid and more. But I will focus on why you are reading this; we want to hear about her nursery design and maybe some newborn parenting advise for good measure. 

RB – When you found out you were expecting Scout, how long was it before your thoughts turned to the nursery?

EW – About 10 seconds because I love a room project, haha. But in reality, it wasn’t until I was about 7 months along before making any proper plans or purchases (I think it took me that long for me to believe we were having a third baby!)

RB – Is the nursery you have now what you first imagined or did you make some changes along the way?

EW – It’s quite different, but then I expect that. I am an ideas person and usually tend to have too many ideas in my head. I need to go through a process of sifting through them until I find the one that’s really singing to me. At first I had this obsession with the colours of the Fruit Salad sweets from a pick “n” mix, I really thought those would be the final colours, but they’re now not in the scheme at all. The room did however end up being inspired by the aesthetic of candy shops, so that must have taken there. That’s what’s cool about following your curiosity; you end up in the right place eventually.

RB How does Scout’s nursery compare to Phoenix’s?

EW – We were in a rental when Phoenix was born so we didn’t really do anything other than buy furniture and put prints up as it was a temporary flat. 9 years later settled in our home and more experienced, when designing Scout’s room I was really thinking about the toddler stage more than the new born days. Ultimately the baby stage is quite brief, which means I was thinking more about the practical needs of caring for a baby but equally about the room being suitable for story time, carpet play, low down surfaces and toy access.

Chloe Spillet, new Style Editor for Rooomy Magazine

“My dreams and goals are getting bigger all the time. I’ve always been a very ambitious person,

sometimes it doesn’t pay off but when it does the feeling is amazing!”

Chloe Spillet, new Style Editor for Rooomy Magazine

RB – Did you find out the sex or did you keep it a surprise, I can’t remember?

We did but didn’t tell anyone. I wanted a surprise but the big kids couldn’t wait! I think it helped them get ready for their brother (especially Indy who wanted a sister! She had plenty of time to get over that not happening!)

RB – When you designed Scout’s nursery where did you begin? What led the design?

EW – I started with those Fruit Salad colours and just started pinning from there. I usually start practical and choose the furniture required for the space and then move onto the details of the aesthetic. This is because I can get really carried away with concepts and I need to make sure I’ve ticked the boxes for practicality and am in budget with the main pieces before moving on!

As I moved through my ideas I noticed I was leaning into lots of Miami imagery – we’d been there in the summer when I was in the early stages of pregnancy and I was really happy with a Miami inspired palette so ended up with the idea of ‘Miami Sweet Shop’ as the theme circulating in my head.

I found clear acrylic domes for toy storage and book ledges as these gave me a sweet shop feel. I’ve later realised the colours i’d chosen simlar to those in the Honey Dukes sweet store, if you’re Harry Potter fans like us you’ll get it.

So much of my inspiration comes from places we visit, it’s like a memory mood board forms when traveling. You don’t even realise it’s happening, but it’s all there in your subconscious and when designing it can pour out.

RB -Do you mood board or Pinterest, or do you start with the first piece of inspiration and take it from there?

EW – I usually have some spark first and organically follow my nose. I like to pin abstract pictures of colours being used first rather than loads of images of the room type, that can sometimes box me in or limit my ideas if I go straight to finished rooms.

RB – As this is your third nursery to create what have you learnt that would really help first time parents?

EW – Definitely to think slightly older than a baby. I think baby décor dates very quickly. A child’s personality really starts to spark quite early and I think it’s nice to have something with a bit of the bubbliness and boldness of a toddler ready for them to grow into. This means looking outside of typical nursery décor for inspiration that can be very muted, mostly animal based and if that’s not what you really want don’t be afraid to do something different, there are no rules really, yet with nurseries it can feel like ‘this is they way you have to do it’. I really don’t think that’s true, do what suits your family aesthetic and vibe.

You also don’t need to babyify all aspects of the room, for example a large nappy bin is cumbersome and ugly. We just have a neat small Barbarita bin. Nappies only smell If you leave them for ages and we use nappy bags and empty it every other day – it’s much less intrusive and gross than the actual nappy bins! I also haven’t bothered with a changing table this time, we have a nice sturdy wooden change mat over the top of cot and it works perfectly without having to have a temporary piece of furniture which we don’t really have room for. I also recommend drawer dividers, baby clothes can get so messy so quickly in drawers as they are so small and hard to fold neatly, I love an organised drawer!

Babies are highly alert to contrasts so a big bold print near the changing area can really capture their attention, even more so than a mobile I think. The wall paper on ceiling hasn’t once failed in calming Scout down, he’s mesmerised! Equally, babies and young children love mirrors, it’s nice to have one up you can show them their face when you’re comforting them in their room.

RB – Top three places to shop for home interiors?

EW – IKEA, La Redoute, Made

RB – What are your three must haves for a newborn?

EW – Sleepsuits with zips, comfortable baby carrier, sheepskin to sleep on

RB – What are your nursery essentials?

EW – Organised nappy drawer, soft large night light, contrast prints

RB – Any final thoughts on products for new parents to think about?

EW – My top gifting tip would be to ask for a Tonie box. Much better than a baby gadget you wont get much use out of. It will read stories to your baby and last them until they’re much older, fantastic product I love them.

Chloe Spillet, new Style Editor for Rooomy Magazine
Chloe Spillet, new Style Editor for Rooomy Magazine
Chloe Spillet, new Style Editor for Rooomy Magazine

RB – What are your top five tips for expectant mothers? Especially during lockdown?

1/Keep a check on your expectations, if you don’t overcook how idyllic you expect everything to be, you will always exceed your expectations rather than failing to meet them!

2/No one will tell you this, but humour is one of the most important gifts a mother can have. Watch comedy, find the funny in the craziness, giggle with your partner and take time to make sure you’re laughing at something. It really is the best medicine.

3/Showers and baths can be taken at any time, as can eating, its not a failure to do things out of routine, enjoy them and make them count whenever they come along and don’t worry too much about time for the first few weeks!

4/Be cautious with over consumption of news and turning to google every second. This will distract you from training up your intuition, which is the most important thing in a mother’s tool kit.

5/Do not rush your recovery. Consider yourself as someone with injuries who needs time and rest to heal. This will take weeks, do not try and speed it up, slowness is important, channel your inner sloth!

To find your playful side and to help harness your child’s, check out Emma’s blog and join her ‘parenting and thriving’ movement The Playful Den.

Colourful spaces….

Eleanor Bowmer – Nursery

Teddy's Nursery And More Rooomy talks to Eleanor Bowmer about nursery planning and becoming a creative legend   Eleanor Bowmer is a Textile Design and Illustrator based in Manchester. Mum to Norie and baby Teddy and of course Frank her French Bulldog. Eleanor went...

Eleanor Bowmer – Nursery

Eleanor Bowmer – Nursery

Teddy’s Nursery And More

Rooomy talks to Eleanor Bowmer about nursery planning

and becoming a creative legend


Eleanor Bowmer is a Textile Design and Illustrator based in Manchester. Mum to Norie and baby Teddy and of course Frank her French Bulldog. Eleanor went freelance 5 years ago and her rainbow and tiger adorning empire has grown from there, with recent product launches in John Lewis and Partners! With the arrival of baby Teddy and the Nursery Edition coming up I had to take this great opportunity to pick Eleanor’s brain about the Nursery and how she pulled it all together. 

“My dreams and goals are getting bigger all the time. I’ve always been a very ambitious person,

sometimes it doesn’t pay off but when it does the feeling is amazing!”

RB – When/How did you get into art and design?

EB – I studied art and design at college followed by a foundation course in Art and a degree in Textile Design. My dad was an artist in his 20’s and taught Art at degree level so it’s in the family.

RB – When you began designing is this where you imagined yourself?

EB – That’s a hard question to answer actually. I dreamt of it, but I didn’t ever think it would happen. I didn’t know how to make it happen. My dreams and goals are getting bigger all the time. I’ve always been a very ambitious person, sometimes it doesn’t pay off but when it does the feeling is amazing!

RB – What have the last few years has been like going from designing cards and prints with Frank on your lap, to having your own studio and seeing your first mug collection being displayed on the shelves of John Lewis and Partner?

EB – The last year in particular has been a whirlwind mixture of excitement and being terrified. Until I saw them on the shelves in JL myself I wouldn’t believe it. It’s been a big year of decision making and risk taking, so far it seems to have paid off. It really has been incredible.

RB – Last year you launched your first wallpaper collection for kids. Had this always been a plan of yours or did this come from customer demand?

EB – No, nobody was asking me for wallpaper. I wanted some cool wallpaper for my daughter’s room so I thought I’d design some.  Thankfully it’s been a big hit! I’m a trained wallpaper designer which is where I started, it hasn’t come from nowhere!

Chloe Spillet, new Style Editor for Rooomy Magazine
Chloe Spillet, new Style Editor for Rooomy Magazine

RB – When you designed Teddy’s nursery where did you begin? What led the design?

EB – My own head! I had my wallpaper in mind and then went with colours I love. I like an eclectic mix but thoughtfully put together. It isn’t quite there yet but almost!

RB – Do you mood board or do you start with the first piece of inspiration and take it from there?

EB – I always have a bank of images and artists I love as inspiration.

RB – You have a second kids wallpaper collection out now, was this always the plan or did it simply happen because you needed a design for Teddy’s room?

EB – A bit of both!

RB – As Teddy’s was your second nursery to create, did you learn anything from the first one that you did differently?

EB – Well they’re both different gender which is great so I really got the chance to explore different colours with both. I was really happy with Norie’s room, so I just went with gut this time too!

RB – What are your three must haves for a New-born?

EB – Patience, routine and faith that it will pass, or do you mean products? haha. Top 3 products would be a Ewan the dream sheep, a cosy blanket and plenty of muslins.

“Go with what you love and it will all come together perfectly.

If in doubt, don’t be too fussy with prints – keep it simple and bold” 

RB – What advice would you give first time parents when it comes to sorting out their nursery?

EB – Start with a colour palette and build on it. Go with what you love and it will all come together perfectly. If in doubt, don’t be too fussy with prints – keep it simple and bold.

RB – For your stunning nature and animal inspired designs – who or what inspires you most?

EB – I love botanical art, which I know is quite a stark contrast to my designs, but I honestly love the detail and am so in awe of the realism!

RB – Apart from your wallpaper, what is your favourite thing about Ted’s room?

EB – His cot! It was Norie’s and was from Cottage Toys. Expensive but worth it!

RB – If money was no object what would you buy for your nursery?

EB – A machine/robot of some sort to do the night feeds!

RB – Yes, good idea!


Chloe Spillet, new Style Editor for Rooomy Magazine
Chloe Spillet, new Style Editor for Rooomy Magazine
Chloe Spillet, new Style Editor for Rooomy Magazine
Chloe Spillet, new Style Editor for Rooomy Magazine
Chloe Spillet, new Style Editor for Rooomy Magazine

To check out Eleanor’s wonderful products, take a look at her site here, currently only open on the weekends. Her wonderful mugs can be found here at John Lewis & Partners and if you want to check out her hilarious daily updates why not follow her on Instagram, she makes me smile every day.

Wallpaper Inspiration Station….

Maya’s Pink Girls Bedroom

Maya’s Pink Girls Bedroom

As Long As It’s Pink


Patricia Hoyna was asked by Maya’s parents to design a room for their daughter as a surprise birthday gift.  Here Patricia talks s through the project


Maya’s parents asked me to design a room for her as a surprise birthday gift, to be completed while she was on holiday.  It was a great project to work on thanks to Maya’s parent’s openness and understanding of their daughter’s desires.

Previously the room was dark, cluttered and lacked character.  Before Maya left, I had a very casual conversation with her; Maya is 8 years old and her favourite colours happen to be light pink and dark pink!  She likes to dance, draw, play with shopkins toys, and listen to Ariana Grande.  I wanted to create a really cool and funky room that would express the little lady’s lovely personality and would grow with her.  From her mum I knew there was a need for extra storage that would accommodate not only Maya’s clothes but also some of theirs, as the apartment is quite compact, so the old chunky wardrobe has been replaced with a slimmer but taller version, that way we’ve gained more room without compromising on storage space.  The bed had to stay so we’ve painted the woodwork it the same colour as the walls to blend it nicely into the scheme and changed the covers –an easy and inexpensive update!

I truly believe honouring the children’s wishes is crucial when designing a space for them, so the starting point was the pink.  I thought of how to incorporate it into the room without being obvious. I focused on playfulness, feminine energy and transition from childhood to adolescence.

To create a harmonious scheme, there were few factors that had to be considered: the location, orientation of the room and temperature of light. In the North light is originally more greyish, so I chose the pink with blue undertone and pared it with Wimborne White for a touch of warmth and softness and sprinkled it with black polka dots.

“There are clever ways of introducing colours into smaller doses that will make everyone happy”

Colours have great impact on our wellbeing, psychologically pink it is a positive colour that inspires warm and comforting feelings, the lighter version has calming effect, the stronger shade has been linked with confidence and energy, but I guess Maya already knew that.

To honour the little artist’s creativity, I framed a selection of her beautiful drawings in black and white frames.  I added lots of additional lights on different levels, new pendant, the spotlights above the wardrobe are remote controlled and dimmable, a reading light by the bed, table lamp for homework and some lovely fairy lights around the window that produce soft glow, perfect for falling asleep.

To enhance the feeling of cosiness a variety of textures were added. A big plush rug on the floor, super soft blankets, and some scatter cushions in different finishes, colours and patterns. I will tell you a secret-the blind was made from Ikea throw like this one (I have the image from Ikea). Sometimes when the budget is modest, all you need is a trip to haberdashery and some DIY skills.

“Discarding kids’ wishes teaches them that their voice doesn’t matter, and we wouldn’t want that would we?

So dear readers,

If your child tells you that their favourite colour is Kermit Green, go for it! We react to colours on emotional levels and feel very strongly about the ones we love and hate, so even if it doesn’t go with the rest of the house, there is a reason why your child picked it, find out why they like it and let them have it, you don’t have to paint the walls in it, there are clever ways of introducing colours in smaller doses that will make everyone happy. On another note, discarding kids wishes teaches them that their voice doesn’t matter, and we wouldn’t want that would we?

Patricia Hoyna is the founder of Studio Hoyna, she has contributed many wonderful rooms to Rooomy and you can check out more of her work and how to get in  touch with her here.  

Equally Inspiring Girls Rooms…


Eleanor Bowmer – Nursery

Teddy's Nursery And More Rooomy talks to Eleanor Bowmer about nursery planning and becoming a creative legend   Eleanor Bowmer is a Textile Design and Illustrator based in Manchester. Mum to Norie and baby Teddy and of course Frank her French Bulldog. Eleanor went...

New Style Editor 2020

New Style Editor 2020

Rooomy meets Chloe Spillett,

children’s interior designer and

new Style Editor for Rooomy Magazine


Rachel Burns speaks to Chloe about her style and

love of kid’s interiors and the best places to shop.



RB – When did your love of interior design begin?

CS – I have loved interiors for as long as I can remember. My mum has great taste and an awesome eye for styling, so I guess she influenced me from an early age. I was a 90s child so changing rooms also played a huge role. Still waiting for that show to make a comeback!


RB – What was your room like when you were kid?

CS – Well, my Mum was much like I am now so it changed a fair bit throughout my childhood! It was always very tastefully classic; Laura Ashley, broderie anglaise and gingham. Once `I was about 13 I was given free rein and I remember really going for it! Bright pink and orange everywhere. It was an absolute riot of colour and anything but classic!

RB – You’ve won two big comps now, ‘Under the Stairs’ at Grand Designs 2019 and The National Prize for “Styled by Be” Judges by Sophie Robinson. What did you learn from these experiences?

CS – The most valuable thing I learned is to have confidence in your own capabilities no matter the level of competition. I was up against many high esteemed professionals and influencers so both victories really took my breath away. It didn’t even enter my mind that I might be good enough to win either.

If you have a clear vision you just have to really go for it, and you’ll be rewarded in more ways than you can possibly imagine!


RB – Do you think there are some discernible differences when approaching the design of a kid’s room compared to the rest of the house?

CS – I think this really depends on the brief and the desired outcome. Many of my clients have wanted longevity from their children’s spaces and so from that point of view you almost have to treat it like any other room in the house. Of course, from the child’s point of view their priorities are usually that they want their rooms to be fun and exciting with a sense of adventure and escapism, so it can be a challenge to strike a balance to ensure both parties are happy! To tick all the boxes, I always aim to keep adaptability in mind. I try to think about how the space can evolve with the family as they grow, without losing its identity. 

RB – With colours being such a huge part of your work have you ever designed a monochrome room? Would you try and talk your client round?

CS – It’s true I live for colour and I think it’s a really great tool for inspiring and motivating young people, but I still think my personal sense of style is rather fluid. I really love to change it up and in the past I’ve definitely been drawn to monochrome. The client should always be at the centre of the design process so if its monochrome they want then its monochrome they get! That said, I’d probably advise them that to do Monochrome justice you have to fully commit; not always easy when children come with so many nick knacks!

RB – What is your dream project?

CS – My absolute life goal is to design for DIY SOS. It’s on my vision board and one day I will make it happen!


RB – If money was no object and you could buy your girls anything for their bedroom or playroom, what would it be?

CS – I’d really love to design an all singing all dancing installation that’s out of this world and commission someone to build it for me.


RB – Three top places to shop for kid’s rooms?

This Modern Life, Bobby Rabbit Kids and H&M


RB – What’s next for Chloe Gets Creative?

CS – Ahhh who knows?! It’s absolutely terrible business ethic but I’ve never really been one for devising plans. Life is unpredictable; we have all been awoken to this in the last few months and I truly believe it’s far more important to just enjoy the journey. I’ve gained an absolute tonne of experience over the last few years and I’m stoked about all of my achievements so far. I think positivity is the best recipe for progress and success and I’m happy with the way things are going for CGC and equally excited about future possibilities.

RB – What has been your favourite project to work on?

CS – Ooooo that’s a real toughie, I’ve loved each and every one of my projects I really couldn’t pick just one. Grand Designs Live has without a doubt been a highlight, not only because of the prestige of the exhibition but because it was unlike anything else I had ever done before and I met some amazing people! I’ve also designed spaces for children in very vulnerable situations so I will always hold these projects dear, it felt wonderful to think I’d brought some sunshine to their lives. Then of course there are the rooms I have designed for friends and family as well as my own children. They are all special to me.

RB – Who or what are some of your design inspirations when thinking about kid’s rooms?

CS – It’s such a cliché thing for a designer to say but literally everything! Design is always at the forefront of my mind so if I’m immersed in nature, watching TV or a film, travelling, whatever I may be doing, I’m always thinking about ways to add value to our indoor spaces that are new and innovative.


RB – Where do you like to hang out in your spare time when you’re switching off and relaxing?

CS – I am loathed to admit I am one of those irritating people who rarely sits still, I find it quite hard to switch off and I’ve pretty much always got a project on the go. I don’t really relax as much as burn out and then rest until I’m raring to go again! Lockdown has really been quite pivotal for me, as I am sure it has been for so many of us. I have started to discover new territories both metaphorically speaking and literally; There is a fair bit of countryside locally and we have been enjoying some really lovely family walks. Oh and gardening! I really love to be in the garden with my family. Despite all the worry and suffering surrounding this new phase in our lives there’s still plenty to be thankful for; I’ve found a few good, new, happy places.

RB – Your style is fun, smart and colourful, what has influenced this most?

CS – I’m a firm believer in creating your own sense of style. As you can probably imagine my Instagram feed is full of children’s interior related pages. There are thousands of beautiful rooms on the ‘gram but there is also a lot of repetition, I get a real kick when I discover a space that makes me stop in my tracks. I want my designs to have that impact on other people; a space people have never seen before. I really try to think outside the box.


There you have it, a great introduction to our new Style Editor, I am thrilled to have Chloe on board.  You’ll be able to see Chloe’s debut Style Edit in the next issue of Rooomy, out in a few weeks, the Nursery Edit.  If you’d like to check out more of Chloe’s work check out her site Chloe Gets Creative. 

For more interviews with other amazing creative minds take a look below and if you want to make sure you get your hands on th Nursery Edit, you can subscribe here for free.


Eleanor Bowmer – Nursery

Teddy's Nursery And More Rooomy talks to Eleanor Bowmer about nursery planning and becoming a creative legend   Eleanor Bowmer is a Textile Design and Illustrator based in Manchester. Mum to Norie and baby Teddy and of course Frank her French Bulldog. Eleanor went...

Rainbow Wallpaper

Rainbow Wallpaper

Rainbows for Kid’s Bedrooms


Rainbows are inspiring us across the nation, we are showing our thanks and love for the NHS, as all staff are doing all they can to look after the sick whilst putting themselves and their loved ones at risk.  If your children have loved all the joy spotting of then they might be thinking about bringing some of that into their bedroom.  If rainbow walls are on the cards then check these out.  Great for girls bedrooms, boys rooms, nursery’s and teens!



Large Rainbows for the NHS

If busy wallpaper patterns are too busy for your personal style, then this layout by Esme is perfect. It almost looks like lots of large decals! Great simple looking designs are often underappreciated, anyone with an Art A Level like me will think, “I could do that, I should start designing wallpaper!”  But, to get the proportion distance and colour tones all spot on like this takes a true to designer to make it work. It is warm, playful and perfect.

Esme has created this in a smaller version too. And to top it all off ALL PROFITS, that’s right ALL, will be donated to the NHS. Thank you Esme!



Murals Wallpaper


Well you know what they say, go big or go home. This Large Rainbow on a faux painted brick wall certainly ticks that box. Mural Wallpaper have several great rainbow designs which you should check out, most of them large like this one. But I selected this for the top 5 for its backdrop. I’ve always liked the idea of an American loft, exposed brick look, very cool, it will never go out of fashion which is certainly what you want when it comes to your interiors, too costly to be changing with the times. This will work in a nursery, kid or teen room, don’t be fooled by the pastel shades, the exposed brick element will win over any pink loving teen.


Lime Lace

Pastel Blue Rainbows

As I was researching rainbow designs, understandably they mostly featured orange and red in varying shades. After all the colours started to blue into each other before my eyes, my mind turned to Drew Daywalt and Oliver Jeffers “The Day the Crayons Quit”. I love the crayons desires to colour other objects, a black beachball, a pink elephant an orange whale. Yes, of course, we need other kinds of rainbows too, which is why this pastel blue, teal and grey rainbow with silver flecks design is perfect for rainbow loving fans who are not so keen on bold reds and yellows.

Eleanor Bowmer

Rainbows and Spots

Joy, Pure Joy, that is what’s created by this design. The design of black dalmatian dots covered in colourful rainbows is uplifting and the perfect addition to any bedroom for any age. There is so much to love about this design but one key factor for me is that as a wallpaper it is so busy you can’t possibly notice the pattern repeat, your eye will never catch up which makes it feel like there’s a wonderful explosion of colour and happiness. It looks like an adult has painted most of the rainbows very intentionally and then a child has come along and decided to dot on a few smaller ones of their own. Creative and as I said at the start, JOYFUL!


NB Eleanor Bowmer’s site is only open on the weekend during lockdown, so links won’t work until Saturday morning.  And you need to get your order in quick!  LAst weekend she was clsoed by midday!  But you can also check her out on Not On The High Street.





Rainbows Galore with every colour under the rainbow and more, all in different orders, different number of arches and sizes, it is all go in this design. It will certainly brighten up any room and inspire your children to pick up their art materials and get creative. It makes me want to do some doodling or colouring in. A great back drop to their role playing, they have climbed out of the top of the Faraway Tree and find themselves in Rainbow Land, what will happen next on their journey? Let them tell you the rest of the story, but I’m sure with this backdrop there will be some bouncing from rainbow to rainbow, enjoy.


If rainbows are not for you do not worry, we have your covered with loads of other wallpaper and stickers/decals that will bring style and character to your kid’s room, check out the features below.  If you can’t find what you’re looking for drop us an email, we’re here to help, always.


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