Getting Your Childs’ Bedroom Spring Ready

Getting Your Childs’ Bedroom Spring Ready

Getting Your Childs’ Bedroom Spring Ready

New Season New Life


Bring the outside in to get your child’s bedroom Spring ready 

by Sarah Keady


Spring is the perfect time to refresh your child’s room. It’s not just their wardrobe that needs an update, chunky wool knits optimistically being swapped for lighter linens, the same will need to happen with their blankets and bedding too.

We know about the practicalities of the warmer months approaching, but what about the trends appearing through this seasons’ offerings?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, nature will play a big part – woodland motifs, natural woods and textured prints are all there, but it’s also playful. Teepees and tents and accessories, such as bunting and hanging plants, are just some of the fun ways to help you bring the outdoors in for your little ones to enjoy until they can happily waddle off to play outside in the warmer months’ ahead.

This bed doubles up as a tent to create the ultimate hideaway. All you need to add are oversized scatter cushions, beanbags and simple wooden accessories.

Pale, textured woods will instantly bring nature into the room, consider adding pops of mustard and burnt orange to draw your eye across the room. I love the prints with the matching frames.

“Nature will play a big part – woodland motifs, natural woods and textured prints
are all there, but it’s also playful”

Textiles are probably the easiest (and cheapest) way to update a space. Layer rugs, cushions and blankets in different textures and patterns to create fun space to cosy up in.

Small, upholstered pieces of furniture are a great way to bring pretty botanical prints into your child’s bedroom. All you need to accessorise with are plants, we love these glass ones, be sure to hang them out of reach.

Create a mini-getaway in the corner of a living room or play room with a teepee. Throws and fairy lights will keep it looking magical as the night draws in.

Adding pastel accessories to minimal spaces gives a room a stylish Scandinavian feel, bunting and animal prints here keep it all looking playful and light. Check out that toy box, storage for unwanted clutter will help keep the space looking calm.

A monochrome colour scheme will always look fresh and modern, and it allows you to be more playful with pattern. We love the animal cushions, fun ornaments and abstract mountains here.

Tree-printed wallpaper adds warmth to this otherwise white nursery whilst the stag head brings some unexpected quirkiness. Decorating above key spaces like changing areas are ideal for creating a focal point in a room.

Nature Inspired…

Nautical Bedroom Accessories

Nautical Bedroom Accessories

Nautical Bedroom Accessories

Bring the beach adventure feel to their bedroom


Rooomy’s round up of great accessories for your kids’ bedroom that will give them  

a sense of being on holiday and chilling out.

Bring a taste of the beach and some wonderful texture to your child’s room with this brilliant rug. The little details on the pebbles are wonderful: the designer has thought of everything, including different sizes for the stones to give it a true pebbled beach vibe, just as you would find on Brighton sea front.  All the fun with none of the discomfort

BWall hangings are becoming more and more popular: macramé is having another moment! Considering something different for their walls? Featuring a playful dolphin and the serene yet humongous whale, whose enormity never ceases to amaze us. Perfect for a nursery (they can double as a mobile too_ or for any child who loves all things under the sea, sing with me now…….

If the worn, shabby look is what you are after, this driftwood clock brings a touch of colour to the room without being too bold. It’s always great to have a balance of new and old when styling a room.

In the celestial universe of Petit Pan, kites are kings and they show this passion off beautifully in their lamps. The lamps are made of bamboo and hand painted bamboo silk: this description alone makes us want to buy one! The finish is wonderful, a stunning way to bring creativity and beauty to your child’s room. They are also available in the style of clouds, seahorses, hippos and more. Check out the range here

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Interview – Bobby Rabbit

Interview – Bobby Rabbit

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Spring Walls for Kids’ Bedrooms

Spring Walls for Kids’ Bedrooms

Spring Walls for Kids’ Bedrooms

Best of the Rest


Patricia Hoyna shares her top finds from the Scottish Interiors Showcase 

The Spring season is when new collections come to life and fabulous designs are released to spark our imagination. This year is no different and I’d like to share my personal favourites from the Scottish Interiors Showcase, the biggest trade-only event in the UK.

Animals, birds and botanicals were the most notable trend in the world of textiles and wallcoverings. With colour palettes ranging from subtle pastels to punchy, electric blues, vibrant reds and mustard yellows.

Two companies in particular caught my eye with their fantastic range of children’s wallpaper. One you probably all know, Sweden’s, Borastapeter, manufacturing wallpapers since 1905! The other brand, Caselio, is also renowned for its innovative and high-quality products, coming to us from France with their bold and funky, modern designs. They are both very strong contenders, yet with very different visions. 

‘One wallpaper and thousands of tales’, is the new collection from Borastapeter Scandinavian Designers Mini and Scandinavian Designers II. These playful wallpapers feature fantastic patterns from some of Sweden’s foremost children’s artists and playtime inspirations. Whimsical, figurative motifs are designed to engage, delight and inspire; squirrels exploring, hooting owls in hats – telling a bed time story has never been easier! l truly love the calming qualities of Poem d’ Amour and my favourite is a shaggy polar bear that swims and frolics among lovely little water bubbles.

A pattern from the large, playful collection that Stig Lindberg composed for an exhibition at NK (the Nordic Company) in 1947. The managing director, Astrid Sampe fell in love with the pattern to such a degree that she had it turned into a dress. Stig Lindberg then made a necklace and bracelet of porcelain flowers for the dress that is now on display at the Nordic Museum.
Designed by Stig Lindberg, Scandinavian Designers II, Poeme d’amour 1765: £59.00

A hand-drawn wallpaper for children’s rooms that sees squirrels swinging, hanging upside down and gathering acorns. The contrasts, details and vibrant colours get the imagination going in this narrative pattern, created in Boråstapeter’s Design Studio. Here with a dark base, which creates a cosy, playful feel in children’s rooms. Also available with a white background for a softer finish.  Designed by Amanda Nordblad, Scandinavian Designers Mini, Charlie 6252: £59.00

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Nature Inspired Wallpaper

Nature Inspired Wallpaper

Nature Inspired Wallpaper

Wallpaper that bring a hint of nature indoors


Rooomy’s round up of the best wallpapers for your kid’s bedroom, 

which will bring the sense of the outdoors indoors.

When it comes to our children all animals are appropriate all year round. Polar bears are a wondrous creature, we may think of Iorek Byrnison from the His Dark Materials trilogy, the armoured bear who protects the heroine and we love to see them play on the snow in documentaries, who doesn’t?

Anamoly only use PEFC certified wallpapers which means their products promote the sustainable management of forests. Anamoly also use non-toxic organic inks, which are noncarcinogenic, so as good as they can be for little ones.

You want more nature but you don’t want it to be overly green and you would really like to warm things up with pink tones.  Fleur Harris has got your back as she designed this wonderful woodland wallpaper in collaboration with Jimmy Crcket, if you saw Issue 1 you’ll know that Austrailia are ahead of the curve when it comes to children’s interiors, looking at this design we can see why.

Available in five other shades.  All their wallpaper is printed on non woven paper and is coated for both quality and practicality. The coating allows the wallpaper to be wiped over kept looking clean and lovely which is basically an essential with kids’.

When you think nature don’t just think woodlands and wild animals, you need to think about how much fun is to be had at the farm too. This rural inspired paper brings country living into their rooms with farmyard favourites such as cows and chickens, tractors and of course the farmer and his wife, all designed with a splash of humour.

These beautifully illustrated wallpapers are made and printed in England using traditional techniques on high quality sustainable forest paper and are available in four other shades.

This beautifully design and very fun print is inspired by a teddy bears picnic, an old fashioned and well-loved theme, recreated with a modern edge. In the UK badgers and foxes best represent our woodland heritage sometimes getting a bad press, but think of Roald Dahl’s, Fantastic Mr Fox and the grumpy but beloved Badger in The Wind and the Willows. With every gaze children lose themselves in a sense of curiosity, discovery and wonder. Let your little one tell their own bedtime tale through this wild and whimsical print.

Walls, Walls, Walls…


Bright & Bold Accessories

Bright & Bold Accessories

Bright & Bold Accessories

Bring Bright & Bold Accessories Into Your Kid’s Bedroom


We bring your our top picks, for wonderful bedroom accessories that will being your child’s bedroom to life. 


Children love colour, it bring joy into their lives, their favourite colour can be fixed from a young age or it may change every few months. Committing to a bold colour palette can sometimes be daunting in these circumstances, therefore adorning their bedroom with bright, bold and colourful accessories is the perfect way to bring the joy in for all to enjoy, knowing you can change whenever you need to.

If you’ve gone fairly minimalistic in the room as you just can’t choose between fuchsia pink and emerald green, then bring a whole rainbow of options in with this great lettering from Twenty Two and Six. They offer initials in a similar style but as someone who loves to promote the importance of Play for children I had to highlight how wonderful this creation is.

Maybe colour isn’t where you want to be braver, then look at the style of furniture you’re using. There are amazing designs out there and although this guy has been around a while I couldn’t resist reminding you all that he is about and is completely brilliant! Rodnik Shark Chair from

Colourful lighting is the perfect way to bring your child more colour without having to experience it yourself, if this is something that takes you out of your aesthetic comfort zone, let them enjoy a little dazzle at night, lovely to wake up to on a restless night and with any luck they’ll feel assured enough to drift off back to sleep due to their lovely glow.

Garlands are a great colourful accessory to be hung from walls, windows, furniture, wherever you want.   – MK Kids Interiors Garland

And of course, one of the easiest ways to bring a statement to a room with no strings attached is an awesome rug! It’s not a permanent feature so can be changed as their style/taste changes but also ticks another design element helping you add some layering to the room. Win win.

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Halloween Decs for Kid’s Bedrooms

Halloween Decs for Kid’s Bedrooms

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Eleanor Bowmer – Nursery

Eleanor Bowmer – Nursery

Eleanor Bowmer – Nursery

Teddy’s Nursery And More

Rooomy talks to Eleanor Bowmer about nursery planning

and becoming a creative legend


Eleanor Bowmer is a Textile Design and Illustrator based in Manchester. Mum to Norie and baby Teddy and of course Frank her French Bulldog. Eleanor went freelance 5 years ago and her rainbow and tiger adorning empire has grown from there, with recent product launches in John Lewis and Partners! With the arrival of baby Teddy and the Nursery Edition coming up I had to take this great opportunity to pick Eleanor’s brain about the Nursery and how she pulled it all together. 

“My dreams and goals are getting bigger all the time. I’ve always been a very ambitious person,

sometimes it doesn’t pay off but when it does the feeling is amazing!”

RB – When/How did you get into art and design?

EB – I studied art and design at college followed by a foundation course in Art and a degree in Textile Design. My dad was an artist in his 20’s and taught Art at degree level so it’s in the family.

RB – When you began designing is this where you imagined yourself?

EB – That’s a hard question to answer actually. I dreamt of it, but I didn’t ever think it would happen. I didn’t know how to make it happen. My dreams and goals are getting bigger all the time. I’ve always been a very ambitious person, sometimes it doesn’t pay off but when it does the feeling is amazing!

RB – What have the last few years has been like going from designing cards and prints with Frank on your lap, to having your own studio and seeing your first mug collection being displayed on the shelves of John Lewis and Partner?

EB – The last year in particular has been a whirlwind mixture of excitement and being terrified. Until I saw them on the shelves in JL myself I wouldn’t believe it. It’s been a big year of decision making and risk taking, so far it seems to have paid off. It really has been incredible.

RB – Last year you launched your first wallpaper collection for kids. Had this always been a plan of yours or did this come from customer demand?

EB – No, nobody was asking me for wallpaper. I wanted some cool wallpaper for my daughter’s room so I thought I’d design some.  Thankfully it’s been a big hit! I’m a trained wallpaper designer which is where I started, it hasn’t come from nowhere!

Chloe Spillet, new Style Editor for Rooomy Magazine
Chloe Spillet, new Style Editor for Rooomy Magazine

RB – When you designed Teddy’s nursery where did you begin? What led the design?

EB – My own head! I had my wallpaper in mind and then went with colours I love. I like an eclectic mix but thoughtfully put together. It isn’t quite there yet but almost!

RB – Do you mood board or do you start with the first piece of inspiration and take it from there?

EB – I always have a bank of images and artists I love as inspiration.

RB – You have a second kids wallpaper collection out now, was this always the plan or did it simply happen because you needed a design for Teddy’s room?

EB – A bit of both!

RB – As Teddy’s was your second nursery to create, did you learn anything from the first one that you did differently?

EB – Well they’re both different gender which is great so I really got the chance to explore different colours with both. I was really happy with Norie’s room, so I just went with gut this time too!

RB – What are your three must haves for a New-born?

EB – Patience, routine and faith that it will pass, or do you mean products? haha. Top 3 products would be a Ewan the dream sheep, a cosy blanket and plenty of muslins.

“Go with what you love and it will all come together perfectly.

If in doubt, don’t be too fussy with prints – keep it simple and bold” 

RB – What advice would you give first time parents when it comes to sorting out their nursery?

EB – Start with a colour palette and build on it. Go with what you love and it will all come together perfectly. If in doubt, don’t be too fussy with prints – keep it simple and bold.

RB – For your stunning nature and animal inspired designs – who or what inspires you most?

EB – I love botanical art, which I know is quite a stark contrast to my designs, but I honestly love the detail and am so in awe of the realism!

RB – Apart from your wallpaper, what is your favourite thing about Ted’s room?

EB – His cot! It was Norie’s and was from Cottage Toys. Expensive but worth it!

RB – If money was no object what would you buy for your nursery?

EB – A machine/robot of some sort to do the night feeds!

RB – Yes, good idea!


Chloe Spillet, new Style Editor for Rooomy Magazine
Chloe Spillet, new Style Editor for Rooomy Magazine
Chloe Spillet, new Style Editor for Rooomy Magazine
Chloe Spillet, new Style Editor for Rooomy Magazine
Chloe Spillet, new Style Editor for Rooomy Magazine

To check out Eleanor’s wonderful products, take a look at her site here, currently only open on the weekends. Her wonderful mugs can be found here at John Lewis & Partners and if you want to check out her hilarious daily updates why not follow her on Instagram, she makes me smile every day.

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