Nautical Inspired Wallpaper

Nautical Inspired Wallpaper

Nautical Inspired Wallpaper

Wallpaper that will take your child to the beach or into the ocean


Rooomy’s round up of the best wallpapers for your kid’s bedroom, 

which will bring the sense of deep sea adventure or chilling on the beach.

Whales have always seemed amazing to us: the largest mammal on earth, their under-water speech, the sheer mass splashing down in the ocean to their calm, large glide through the water. With Finding Nemo, Pixar have helped take them to a new level where we now feel we are all able to speak whale which is fantastic.  Here at Rooomy we’re  great at speaking whale, some better than others of course.  This wonderful design manages to encapsulate their fun side.  The design is also available in grey.

You’re arty and you love the ocean and you don’t want a wallpaper that is too childish: this is for you. The flowing sea grass (sea weed just sounded to yucky) gives a lovely  to this design and then you have the pleasure of spotting the hiding seahorses, starfish and shells. Available in different colour ways to suit all your tonal needs. This would work great on a split wall, if you have a dado  rail. You can have lots of fun with this design, maybe use two or three different colour ways to bring all the colours of the sea to their space.

Under the sea does not need to mean The Little Mermaid or Finding Nemo. Maybe the pattern of wallpaper is just not for you. With this sea cave mural you can help your child go on an under the sea adventure of their own, available for any size wall. For your teenager this will bring a great sense of calm to their space when they are stressing over exams and all the other hurdles that go hand in hand with hormone surges.  Who knows it could inspire some scuba diving training?

So many wallpapers are not considered for kid’s rooms – too fancy, too grown up (whatever that mean). If you’re a fan of the beach and your kids love making endless sand angels, rock pooling and cart-wheeling along the beach then this design could be for you. Its warm rainbow tones are perfect for happy daydreaming of seaside adventures, but from the comfort of the carpet or cosy in bed. Their imagination, memories and creativity will all be firing away! Maybe you can join them for a lazy daydream? Cornetto, anyone?

Walls, Walls, Walls…






Nautical Styling for Kids Bedrooms


How to achieve the professional approach to styling a kids bedroom

Fi Campos of Cubby Hole talks us through the nautical theme


When it comes to designing rooms for little ones, it can often feel as though there are so many practicalities to consider. From layouts to colour schemes, bed types to themes, it’s so important to work out what matters most to you and your child. Once the ‘sensible’ boxes are ticked, it’s time for the creative part to start!

Re-styling a child’s room can be a fun experience, and, if they’re old enough, consulting your little one along the way will help them feel involved in the process and result in a wonderfully imaginative space that is personal to them.

Why not start by creating a mood board together? As well as being a fun crafting activity, it’s such a creative process that can really help spark imaginations, and may even result in some unique art work for their walls!  

Here are some of my top styling tips to help get their room looking ship shape: How to instil hope for seaside dreamers! Nautical stories are the perfect theme to give your kids rooms that happy, fresh, relaxed coastal vibe all year round. Red, navy and white is a classic palette that’s ideal for any mini seafarer, but why not add in a dash of teal for a modern twist?

Rooms with low ceilings
Vertical stripes can really help to create the illusion of more space. This summery striped wallpaper by Arthouse gives a subtle nod to deckchair stripes and pulls the colour of the room together perfectly.

For little ones who just can’t wait to explore the world, check out this cool vintage world map decal by Oxo Workshop, available from Etsy. Customised to fit your own wall space, this giant map is sure to get little explorers excitedly planning their next trip on the seas.

They’re mad on pirates

If you’re not sure just how long the pirate phase will last but would love to create some walls big on personality, stickers are your new best friend!  With so many options on the market now from spectacular sailors through to fabulous fish, we’re spoilt for choice. 

Whale of  a Time

How cute is this ‘Whale of a Time’ wallpaper by Scion? Available in bright blue or Scandi grey, it creates an immediate feeling of calm, hazy days by the seashore. The ultimate snoozing environment for dreaming of faraway lands …

Inject a nautical twist into the study space with hand painted deep horizontal stripes in Indigo blue. ‘Sea Forever’ canvas from Love to Home.  

For an instant refresh and to give new life to old chests of drawers, try adding some quirky nautical style drawer handles.

Blankets can provide an instant room revamp by adding layers of texture and colour. Try the Elephant Stamp for gorgeously classic stripes.

Finally, a few words of practical advice for achieving nautical style for your mini mariner:  Keep it simple. A reduced three colour palette can work wonders in creating a pulled together room.

Embrace the stripes! Horizontal bands of colour instantly say beach, and work fabulously with ditsy whale prints and plains to break up all the pattern.  Whether you choose laid back beach vibes, pirate, or whale schemes, one thing’s certain, the nautical theme has so much variety that should serve them well for years to come.

Happy Styling!

Nautical, Beach, Ocean…

Interview – Bobby Rabbit

Interview – Bobby Rabbit

Rooomy meets Nicky King   Rachel Burns asks Nicky King, owner of children's interiors online store Bobby Rabbit all about her fab collections and her thoughts on sustainability within the kids interiors market.   Rachel - Hi Nicky, tell us about Bobby Rabbit and...

Nautical Bedroom Accessories

Nautical Bedroom Accessories

Nautical Bedroom Accessories

Bring the beach adventure feel to their bedroom


Rooomy’s round up of great accessories for your kids’ bedroom that will give them  

a sense of being on holiday and chilling out.

Bring a taste of the beach and some wonderful texture to your child’s room with this brilliant rug. The little details on the pebbles are wonderful: the designer has thought of everything, including different sizes for the stones to give it a true pebbled beach vibe, just as you would find on Brighton sea front.  All the fun with none of the discomfort

BWall hangings are becoming more and more popular: macramé is having another moment! Considering something different for their walls? Featuring a playful dolphin and the serene yet humongous whale, whose enormity never ceases to amaze us. Perfect for a nursery (they can double as a mobile too_ or for any child who loves all things under the sea, sing with me now…….

If the worn, shabby look is what you are after, this driftwood clock brings a touch of colour to the room without being too bold. It’s always great to have a balance of new and old when styling a room.

In the celestial universe of Petit Pan, kites are kings and they show this passion off beautifully in their lamps. The lamps are made of bamboo and hand painted bamboo silk: this description alone makes us want to buy one! The finish is wonderful, a stunning way to bring creativity and beauty to your child’s room. They are also available in the style of clouds, seahorses, hippos and more. Check out the range here

More Nautical Ideas…


Interview – Bobby Rabbit

Interview – Bobby Rabbit

Rooomy meets Nicky King   Rachel Burns asks Nicky King, owner of children's interiors online store Bobby Rabbit all about her fab collections and her thoughts on sustainability within the kids interiors market.   Rachel - Hi Nicky, tell us about Bobby Rabbit and...

Interview – Bobby Rabbit

Interview – Bobby Rabbit

Interview – Bobby Rabbit

Rooomy meets Nicky King


Rachel Burns asks Nicky King, owner of children’s interiors online store Bobby Rabbit

all about her fab collections and her thoughts on sustainability within the

kids interiors market.


Rachel – Hi Nicky, tell us about Bobby Rabbit and your mission?

Nicky – Bobby Rabbit was my favourite childhood toy – a gift from my Nana on my first birthday. For about 10 years, Bobby came with me everywhere: to nursery, on play dates, to school, on holiday, and today he lives on, tucked away inside a shoe box in my wardrobe!

Bobby is the inspiration behind my brand ethos: fun over fashion, lifelong over throwaway. Our shop is a lovingly curated collection of toys, home accessories and furniture for babies and children aged 0-8 years old. We like to think that every product in our collection captures the spirit of our brand values and has the potential to be as special and memorable as Bobby was (and still is) to me. Our strapline, “for little treasures” says it all.

Twice a year (in summer and in winter), we launch new collections, taking our favourite new finds and styling them into ‘Bedtime Stories’ – playful, magical rooms to spark little imaginations. It means that our customers can shop by product or by room and re-create the looks at home.

Our mission is to inspire kids and grown-ups alike, helping them to create precious memories: “Cherish when small and remember with a smile and tall.”

Rachel – You’ve worked in the world of children’s interiors for a while now, what’s been the best improvement you’ve seen?

Nicky – Definitely the influx of smaller, innovative independent brands – and this is what makes it so exciting! Fifteen years ago, when I was launching Habitat Kids in London, most of these amazing little brands didn’t exist. These days, there is so much more choice out there for parents, not only in look and style but also in buying options and sourcing. The influx of social media has definitely helped these smaller brands to get ‘out there’ and be noticed, and likewise has helped parents to gain inspiration outside and away from the high street.

Rachel – What do you think is on the horizon for kids’ interiors?

Nicky – I think there is a definite move towards longevity and sustainability in children’s interiors. Increasingly, parents are understanding the value of quality over throwaway, and products that are responsibly sourced and made. Buy less – spend the same!

Rachel – What is the best way to find inspiration when planning or designing a new kids’ room?

Nicky – Visual platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest are by far the best place to start. You can start by saving your favourite images on either platform and before too long, you will start to get a feel for your style and preferences. Ask your kids! It is important to make them feel part of the process as well – after all, it’s their space, too.

Rachel – What do you think is the driving force behind a keener interest in handmade items?

Nicky – Care, love and attention to detail. Handmade items come with a special and unique story behind them – they are one-of-a-kind. And why wouldn’t you want to be a part of supporting that?

Rachel – When it comes to our children’s bedrooms’, what do you think sustainability means for parents?

Nicky – It’s about creating longevity in children’s spaces: buying quality products that last longer and are ethically and responsibly made and sourced using quality materials, rather than throwaway options. At Bobby Rabbit, we are conscious about where we source our products. We try to choose FSC-certified wooden toy and furniture factories, we have a soft spot for natural materials – and we love our organic cotton bedding collection.

It’s about understanding the value of this. It doesn’t necessarily mean spending more overall either – just buy less of the throwaway instead!

Rachel – Sustainable materials are wonderful, do you have a favourite?

Nicky – I love wool (and this definitely shows in my collection!) It’s warm, cosy and practical for kids as it is naturally stain-resistant. We offer felted rugs, garlands – and my new favourite – pompom animals (including a Bobby Rabbit mobile) that have been specially handmade for us by one of our amazing customers!

Rachel – Sustainably made items are often more expensive due to the price tag on the raw material and the care take to look after the environment whilst producing them. What would you say to parents who are concerned about the extra cost involved?

Nicky – With quality comes longevity – buying a bedding set for £10 won’t last as long as one that costs a little more. It is highly likely that there is more traceability to the manufacturing process in the more expensive bedding set, too. By making the right choices, you are doing your bit to help your children’s future – and you can’t put a price on that.

Rachel – If you could only have one product from your collection which one would it be?

Nicky – It would have to be our Bobby Rabbit Mobile. He’s handmade from wool and cotton with a beautiful grape vine wreath. He’s perfect for nurseries and children’s rooms, and perfect for the grown-ups too – and you can’t get much more sustainable than that.

Rachel – What is the process for Bobby Rabbit when curating such wonderful collections?

Nicky – 4 months of thought, 1 week of travel, 1 month of buying and curating, 1 week of photography, 2 weeks of madness – then launch! The key is in the thought. I start to develop my vision for the next collection as soon as the previous one is launched… The whole cycle takes around 6 months from start to finish.


Rachel – 3 words to describe Bobby Rabbits style?

Nicky – Happy, cute and playful.

Rachel – I love all the bedtime stories and room planning ideas on your site. Do you have a favourite?

Nicky – Our ‘Treasure Island’ room was a lot of fun to shoot. My vision was to create a shipwreck using the bed, inhabited by all the sea creatures! When we create our bedtime stories, we do it from a child’s viewpoint – what will they think when they step inside this room? How will they interact with the space? And most importantly, will they remember it? I think this one is pretty memorable, and I love how it makes kids and adults smile. Well, I hope so anyway!


Take a look at all that Bobby Rabbit has to offer with the brilliant curation of Nicky King at the helm. 

You’re sure to find something for your own kid’s room or the perfect gift for another.


New Style Editor 2020

New Style Editor 2020

Rooomy meets Chloe Spillett, children's interior designer and new Style Editor for Rooomy Magazine   Rachel Burns speaks to Chloe about her style and love of kid's interiors and the best places to shop.     RB - When did your love of interior design begin?...

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