Rainbow Child – Girls Bedroom

Rainbow Child – Girls Bedroom

Rainbow Child – Girls Bedroom

Rainbow Child

This bold space belongs to Evie.

She is a mini colour lover and a big fan of rainbows


Evie, 2, is a mini colour lover and a fan of rainbows so naturally we hit it off.  Don’t get me wrong, I love working with a reduced palette but as soon as rainbows are mentioned I’m firing on all cylinders… ALL the colours give me ALL the feels!

Colour excitement overload aside, ensuring that all those gorgeous tones are perfectly balanced in the room is no easy feat and so this scheme needed to be carefully thought out. The dark blue backdrop provides the perfect medium to allow the full spectrum to really POP. It’s a brave choice and one that Evie’s parents were initially wary of, but with time it became their favourite element.  

For me that’s what the design service is all about; encouraging clients to step outside of their comfort zones and try something different. I’m pleased to report It’s a tried a tested method and as yet has never failed. It’s just the best tonic when parents say, ‘I’d never in a million years have thought to do that but I absolutely love it’.



As for the bold rainbow stripe running along the back wall; the flash of colour aims to convey a sense of movement and fluidity; Think 70s roller disco and you’ll have insight to my inspiration!

Colour is a very powerful tool in a child’s environment. It has the ability to alter their mood and even their behaviour. The deep blue is emblematic of the night sky, providing a sense of calm and tranquillity, while the intermittent bursts of colour deliver adventure and excitement; it all hangs in the balance.

Texture is also key to aiding child development and there’s plenty of variety in Evie’s new space bringing a sense of depth, cosiness and comfort. The bed is super inviting with a bespoke house canopy which not only conveys a touch of whimsical fun but also stimulates role play. The house bed was handmade using 15mm birch ply. It’s braced along the back and roof for additional support and fixed to the wall; safety first!


The plywood accents continue throughout with the addition of the cloud wall light made from the bed canopy offcuts, the statement slatted ceiling shade, wall mounted dolls house and laser cut wall décor.

Evie’s bedroom combines old and new with the revival of an old Victorian oak wardrobe which has had a lick of chalk paint in a gorgeous forest berry shade. This piece was absolutely one of my highlights. Evie adores pink and purple and this shade is the perfect midpoint between the two. There were plenty of squeals all round when this upcycle project was underway.

The completed room is a real triumph. Like many of my schemes, Evie’s room has been designed with growth in mind. This space will serve her long into her teenage years with some minor adaptations.

My clients both big and small absolutely adore this space and that’s what it’s all about; I can ask for no more. Lots of ‘ooo’s’ and ‘ahhhs’ and ear to ear smiling. Best of all Mum reports that Evie has never slept better since being in her new bedroom; that’s the pinnacle!

To see more rooms by Chloe you can check out her other projects here and for regular inspiration follow Chloe at Chloe Gets Create

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