Top 5 Art Picks for Kid’s Rooms – February

by | Feb 25, 2020

Top 5 Art Pics for Kid’s Rooms 

Art is a truly wonderful way to bring character to our homes and this should be no different in our kid’s bedrooms. Pick images that you hope will inspire them, that can set a certain mood and also allow them to choose pieces that represent different aspects of their personality and finally just find images they like to look at.  Each month we offer a helping hand with out monthly top five suggestions.

Party Lion – Max Made Me Do It

This lion cub has lots of party friends but as lion’s are my all-time fave she had to feature. She friends with a giraffe, fox, badger, leopard, an elephant and more. They are all gorgeous, the detail in their faces is wonderful and they are here to have fun! Available in A4, A3 & A2.

Max Made Me Do It founder has a vast collection of kid’s art, you can check out more here.


Jungle Boating – Red Gate Arts

To be messing about in a boat on the river with you these words conjure up great images from Wind in the Willows, but this art piece takes your child far from an idyllic English river to the running rapids in a jungle.

With all those animals watching the boatman, who looks immensely relaxed, I wonder what might happen next? This would be a great story piece for any child’s room.


Pretty Octopus – Eleanor Bowmer

This is an excellent print for any human being, at any age. Coming in two different colour options, it will work in any room also. As well as this Blue and Red option it is also available in Pink and Blue.

Its bold size and colour are fascinating, great for young eyes to gaze on, but it’s complimented by the softer detail of the seaweed and of course the friendly eyes. Meaning this piece will light up any space, bring joy to the onlooker and is a wonderful escape from the more traditional animals we see adorning our children’s bedroom walls.

Eleanor Bowmer is a wonderful artist and has many prints and other products available, you can see more of her work here.


More Hugs, Less Fights – Andy Westface

Hugs. Hugs are everything in our house. On Instagram this piece of art states “hugs are a universal language

Featured in our shared kids room issue, if your children are sharing a room they sharing a lot more than just their toys, and your attention, they are sharing their personal space, a place to retreat when emotions are high, a space to play freely, being able to make their own choices and not worry about on lookers. A space to be with their friends and now sharing those friends too. It is a beautiful opportunity, sharing so closely with another, what a wonderful world they can create together. They may be similar or polar opposites, there is not formula that does or does not work. Art is a magical way for them to express their personality and clearly mark their own space. It also works as a wonderful display to the other siblings, a reminder of who they are living with. This piece of art would be a great reminder of how marvellous a hug feels and that beneath their arguments, stress and tiredness, they can come together, have a hug and feel better about themselves, each other and the world.



Blue Stem Flower – Moozle Home

A touch of spring with a firm nod to all the rain we’ve been having. This sweet little blue flower print really pops and what I like about it, is that children will be instantly inspired by it and want to create their own. Broken down it’s a simple piece but imagine it without the rain? It just wouldn’t be interesting, which makes it a great way to help kids think about layering their artwork, making the most of the background in their own mini creations! A perfect addition to any gallery wall, available in A5.


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